Confessional – what is going on in my headspace this week

Hey peeps! TGIF! I feel like it has been forever since I last posted. It’s only been 5 days but this week is dragging! OMG! I have  been trying to sit down and write a good post but lately, what is in my head is not translating well here.  However, I must get this all out so I am going to just go with it.

What I have been eating:  Carb craving – I swear this constant below freezing temperatures is putting my body into hibernation mode.  This week was worse probably because I did not food prep.  Although I had some salad fixings and grilled chicken on hand, I would rather have oatmeal, Ramon soup and egg sandwiches.  Add into that granola bars… I was feeling lethargic and gross.  I have had planned to work out this week since last week I blew it off… and guess what? I have over slept in the morning and just wanted to curl up with my quilt and book after work.  My house is drafty and cold.  I hate being this cold.  This just goes to show, a clean diet and regular exercise really does work with your mood and overall wellbeing.

What I have been reading: I am obsessed! Over the summer, I started reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Even though I LOVE historical fiction, the first book was hard to get into at first. It was not the story line that bothered me but the way in which DG wrote it. She is all over the place in the first book. It was her first attempt at writing and thank goodness she was able to real herself in under control for the books that followed.  I cannot put book 3 (Voyager ) down! I get totally lost in the troubled yet “meant to be” love story of Jamie and Claire.  Starz is making a TV series from the books that comes out this summer some time. I really need to get that channel…

Random thoughts

  • I want to go run but I hate running in the cold.  Plus the fact that when everything is covered in snow, I would have to run in the main road which I do not feel safe doing if I can not jump to the grass if a car is coming.  I know- not an excuse but safety first. Treadmill? Don’t own one. Gym membership? Got one but don’t like going (too small and crowded).  Did I mention it’s freezing out?  
  • Speaking of running: I read this article today about how running and racing are not the same thing.  Clearly, I am not a racer.  Is this what you really think about during races? Want to know what I think about? I hope my underwear is not showing though my pants.  I hope no one sees me pick this weggie. OMG I got to pee again! And then the mantras are thrown in there too: You can do this! Be FIERCE! Bikini by summer won’t happen by walking! Don’t give up! You’ve got this!  I love to run – my body craves it some times. This winter is killing me with this frigid bitch weather.  For me it’s a way to relax and clear my mind.  I did my first official 5k last fall.  I would like to do another – maybe a 10k. But racing isn’t that important to me.  I have great respect for you runners/racers out there that are so dedicated to your race schedules and training.  Virtual races are more my speed I think.  My time, my terms.
  • I also miss hiking!  I finally bought myself a good pair of hiking boots but have not had a chance to wear them yet. This time of year we like to take the dogs hiking since there aren’t many people out.  Again – too much snow to enjoy it.
  • Speaking of virtual races: This weekend is supposed to be nice weather ( low 40’s). I am determained to get my husband out of the house for at least one of your long walks.  I do not care where.  By then, the bike paths should be clear of snow.  We both need to get moving! I just wish he liked running – that would be perfect! Maybe I can get time to sneak one in. Or… run a head of him then run back, run ahead, run back… that type of thing. I still have time to get a 5k submitted for #olive5k over at Licorice and Olives.  Did you sign up yet?  Sorry – no treadmills allowed to be eligible for prizes.
  • Good Eats: I have a bunch of new recipes piling up and I can not wait to try them! I am attempting pulled pork in the crock pot again.  Fingers crossed that it works out this time!
  • Speaking of reading: I have fallen behind on my blog reading this week.  I miss you guys! This is on my list of catch up this weekend too!

WHEW! That was a big load off! I do feel better now. If you stuck through to the end, thank you! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Do you have any big adventures planned? Read any good books lately?

I leave you with some weekend motivation…


    8 thoughts on “Confessional – what is going on in my headspace this week

    1. V@ says:

      WOW this was some week for you! I can totally appreciate not liking this cold weather. The heat in our house has not been this high in years. In my way of thinking being kind in weather like this is really important. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend

    2. I'm with you Mary; these cold days are killer on wanting to do anything but sleep and eat comfort food. Definitely not in the 40s yet in Ontario; it's snowing again today, 4 Saturdays in a row with snowstorms. At least I don't feel too guilty about being snuggled up since I can't get out of my driveway.

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