A husband, three sisters and a princess

Happy Sunday peeps! I hope everyone is surviving this cold weather ok. I have to be honest, I am hating it right now. This past week, I lost all interest in any type of exercise above a few good stretch sessions. My house has been colder then normal and all I wanted to do was snuggle up with a blanket and my book after work. Do I regret not making myself workout? A little. Am I beating myself up over it? Not really. 

This weekend kicked off our anniversary week. Dan and I will be married 19 years on Tuesday. He will be traveling for work most of the week so that sucks. Plus having snowy weather on Saturday, we didn’t do much. Saturday, we spent the day shopping for warm clothes for his trip to Indiana. It is colder there then in the Philly area. He didn’t buy anything but I scored a VS sport bra for $15! After that, we decided to cook dinner at home: 

 Gina (Neely)’s shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta. Dan had surprised me by making this a month or two ago one night after work. This is so freakin’ good! I am typing this post on my phone and can’t link the recipe. So, google it or go on foodnetwork.com. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Since Dan will not be home until Thursday, I decided not to food prep today. I have salad fixings left over from last week to hold me over for lunch and decided to have soups for dinner. So, I’ll get back to that next week. We did go out to dinner again tonight at Ruby Tuesday’s. I had the Carribean chicken with coconut shrimp and a glass of wine. I had not ordered coconut shrimp in years so I thought I would treat myself. After my first bight, I remember led WHY I never order it… I don’t like it too much. Too sweet for me. Oh well. It was only three pieces so no biggie. 

I do not normally get the baked potato (it’s usually the salad bar as a side) but the mango salsa was so spicy tonight, I was glad I had something bland to balance the heat. My favorite though is their grilled zucchini. I could order just that if they’d let me!
I also got to spend some quality time with three of my sisters this morning. I am really bad at taking selfies and didn’t think to ask someone to take our picture. I guess I could have taken THEIR picture but again, I didn’t think about it. We had tickets to the Grace Kelly exhibit at a local museum. I stealthy took some contraband photos of some of my favorite gowns. I will talk more about that this week. This post would be WAY to long. I will leave you with one of her quotes that, as Ellie and I read it, she said,”Gee, sounds like us.” LOL It’s true that we have been called the snobby bitches of the family from one unfavored Uncle… We are not bitter though. We think it’s pretty funny.
Ok, one more 😉
This photo I took off the internet. This is her Oscar dress. The first one in the exhibit with her actual oscar on display. Most of the museum security was around this area and so I didn’t want to get caught taking my own photo 🙂 Isn’t it gorgeous? So simple and elegant. I think she was so beautiful and had such panache! I cannot wait to share more with you! 
I had a nice day strolling through the exhibit with my sisters. I just wish we could have hung out longer.  
What about your weekend? Did you do anything fun? 

5 thoughts on “A husband, three sisters and a princess

  1. Happy day before 19 years! That is awesome! What's your secret? LOL! Sorry he wont be home with you to celebrate. That shrimp looks so good! I told MBT that I wanted lime shrimp this week!

  2. Lime shrimp sounds good! I do not think I have every had that. Knowing what I have learned of MBT, ask and ye shall receive! So I look forward to getting the recipe! LOL

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