Follow tradtion or wing it?

Howdy peeps! How is everyone today? I have been having a really bizarre day.  One of those days that you have to ask yourself, “Is this actually happening?”  You know what I mean right?

Anywho… Today I would like to talk to you about traditions. Specifically: Wedding Anniversaries

On January 28th, Dan and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary (19!!). Considering Christmas was just a month ago and Allyson’s b-day is 2 weeks later, I don’t normally make a big deal out of it.  Yeah Valentine’s Day is in there too but I don’t make a big deal about that one either. Last year, we went to the car show in Philly.  Next year, we will celebrate BIG!

I want to do something but I do not know what.  I was wondering what the traditional gift theme was for the BIG 19.  So off to Google I went.  Do you know what it is? Chili Pepper.

                                                      (Sadly, not this kind of Chili’s)

Yep… SO do I cook up a spicy dinner? I was thinking about making a romantic dinner but then I thought maybe I would save that for V-Day.
Keep looking Mare…
Some of the “modern” themes are bronze and aquamarine. Who comes up with this stuff? I do not see how any of the three items are related… I clicked on the link for “ideas” and it seams they prefer the bronze theme because this what is says:

Your 19th wedding anniversary is a great time to remind yourselves again how strong and durable your marriage is. Below are examples to help you with your 19th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

Bronze chess set
Bronze sculpture
Beach Vacation
Sun glasses
Money clip

The only thing that has come out of this list is now I am obsessing over getting a bronze statue for my home and the need will not go away until I:
                                       a.) get one and at a bargain
                                       b.) become fixated on something else

So, I think I will play it by ear this year… not overthink this and see where the day takes us.  Sometimes those are the best days of all.

Do you stay with tradition of special events like birthdays/anniversaries or do you wing it?


10 thoughts on “Follow tradtion or wing it?

  1. Congratulations!!
    When it comes to birthdays and anniversaries we always wing it. I like to call it spontaneity, but it really is just lack of organization hehe.
    But seriously, how can a money clip be considered to be a suitable present for a 19th wedding anniversary? Get it together Google!
    The bronze statue, on the other hand, is a pretty cool idea.

  2. Haha – to me a money clip says, “I didn't know what to buy you so I got you a money clip.” Although, I did get an umbrella one year. It was one of the fancy kind with the push button that opened AND closed. I used it for probably 5 years before I lost it! LOL He bought it for me because I was always complaining about getting my hair wet in the rain :0)

  3. We decided to stay home on Saturday and cooked dinner together. He's traveling this week so Next Saturday we will probably go to a nice dinner. I told him next year, we are going some place warm. so start saving! LOL

  4. Since I'm not married, I have no recommendations about following or not following these themed anniversaries. I did check out the link you provided and I agree, who came up with some of these?? Who wears real fur anymore (modern 13th)?

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