Weekend recap& Meal prep

Hey Peeps!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was great! I had a busy but not really busy weekend.  We ended up not doing ANY painting in the house. Bummer but we both have to be up for it and Dan just wasn’t feeling it at the time.  We then decided we would go down to the Art Museum in Philly but got a late start on Saturday and bagged that idea.  Last, we decided we would go antiquing.  However, it we really did not go to well. We drove as far as two hours out to Reading, PA looking for antique shops that Siri was telling us existed. But, they must have been hidden or closed because we only ended up going to two. The one was a country store and the other one was just junk. So we ended up wasting our day mostly driving but made up for with a really good late lunch at PJ Ryan’s in Phoenixville, PA.  We got an order of wings to start and they were heaven! I have not had wings since Christmas so this was a special treat. Then for our meals, I chose the crab cake sandwich ( fresh crab, pan seared ) and Dan had a shaved prime rib dipper ( with caramelized onion, melted goat cheese and au jus ).  We both thought the food was really good.  I love the décor of the place too.

After we ate, we walked around a bit. I was hoping there would be stores to go into but aside from another “antique” store, an artisan shop and a very small record store, the main street was mostly bars and restaurants.  It was cold and very windy.  I could not feel my feet or legs by the time we got back to the car. Despite the cold, we had a good day. We went home and watched our latest TV interest, Orange is the New Black.  We started watching it on Friday and are about half way through the first season.  I am already looking forward to season 2.  This time we picked a show that we are not already 5-6 seasons behind on like SOA or Mad Men before we got interested it in!

Sunday was shopping and food prep day. 

turkey meatballs (good!) in home made sauce (meh)
chicken and rice casserole ( dairy free and freakin awesome !)
diced potatoes of my breakfast
hard boiled eggs
roasted turkey breasts (cut of for salads )
lots of cut strawberries, romaine lettuce and green peppers

                          (the lighting in my kitchen is horrible! But look how round my balls are!)

I think that’s it.  This week’s prep really kicked my ass.  I was exhausted (4 hours from prep to clean up) and my feet were killing me! I know I will be sharing the casserole recipe this week.  Since I winged the meatballs, I am not sure if I can translate it to paper for you. I will try – we’ll see but no promises.  Once I was done cleaning up, I caught the end of the 49ers/Seahawks game and  then the premier of The Following.  Love that show!  I am so happy it’s back on. 

Did you get to meal prep this weekend?  If so, what dish are you most excited for?
Did you do anything fun?  Try anything new?


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