Eating outside the box

Happy Sunday peeps! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a great one! All our Christmas decor is put away finally. The tree made such a mess squeezing it out of the door! 

We picked paint swatches for our living room and dining room…

We need to pick two- one main color and another for the accent wall. I can’t wait to get rid of all the beige!

We also had an amazing dinner at Emeril’s Chop House. If you have one near you, I highly recommend the roasted smoked duck. Sorry, no pics. I didn’t want to embarrass everyone at the table since it was such a nice place (but I was tempted!).
Today was food prep day- YAY! Last week worked out so well. It was great having lunch and dinner already made for us. It left time for me to get my workouts in after work which is a huge plus! So, I was excited to get’er done again this week. Having all this yummy food on hand has me thinking (more like eating) outside the box with my meals. All last week I used the roasted b-sprouts and squash as salad toppers:
So good!!! I also used the squash and craisins in my oatmeal once with cinnamon and a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it a bit. Sounds strange, I know. But it was good!
Today’s prep was a big ol’pot of Dan’s turkey chili, more baked sweet potatoes (can’t get enough of them), hard boiled eggs and a chicken fajita dish that was circulating on FB this week. Continuing with eating outside the box, I topped half of a sweet potato with some of the chili (a misunderstood comment on FB gave me the idea- thanks Roxie LOL). 

OMG- if you have never tried this, what are you waiting for? The spicyness of the chili and and sweetness of the s-potato really blends well together. I think I might have this in the morning with a runny egg on top. Oh man! I can’t wait! 

As for the chicken fajitas:

This is currently cooling but I couldn’t resist a taste. It is full of flavor and had a kick to it. This is going to make a great lunch! 

This weekend turned out to be filled with yummy foodie experiences. My plan this week for meals and workouts are in place. I am ready to take on the week. 
Did you try a new recipe or create something in the fly this weekend? 

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