In the two years that I have been steadily blogging, I have seen many variations of blog themes.  There are the awards where you say things about yourself by answering questions. There are the Friday 5’s which I like to do, what you ate on Wednesday and many other link ups – too many to mention them all.  However, I never heard of this one posted by a fellow #Imfitpossible ambassador Preshii over at The Coily Bombshell.  What you do is choose a word that you want to define your year.  Will this year be: happy, adventurous, focused? I have been thinking about this a lot. I was not really sure what word would define 2014. I wanted it to be a good word! You know, something that has meaning to me.  So, I closed my eyes and pictured where I wanted to be at the end of the year. My mind instantly filled with images of me doing active things I love…

running: on streets, trails, the beach
and then the BIG one, me at my goal weight in a fierce red dress looking svelte and feeling amazing!

So, I choose FIERCE. With each flash-forward, I saw myself getting stronger. Each time, “fierce” was the word that came to mind. It describes the feeling I get after doing any of the above.


6 thoughts on “My Word: FIERCE

  1. Such a cool idea, a word for the year! Mine would be…ambition! Ambition to try new things (I'll be moving to Nor cal proper for job): attending museum events (gma got me a membership), taking sewing classes (I want to make my own sparklysoul type headbands and team sparkle skirts), and (dare I say it) run my first marathon in Dec? So, yes ambition!

  2. Great word! Funny, I have talked to my husband about going to the museum more ( Local ones too not just the Philadelphia art museum which takes an hour to get there)
    I think it would be so cool to sew! I'd make my own sundresses, repurpose old dresses and make them new again…Shopping for summer clothes is so hard.
    Good luck with the marathon training too!

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