The Great Stocking Stuffer Challenge!

Merry Christmas peeps! I hope you all are having a fabulous time celebrating the holiday season. Christmas tradition for us is all about Christmas Eve. We having dinner at Dan’s sister’s house then the three of us go to the 11PM candlelight service at church. Everyone else goes earlier but Dan has to work so we go later. We tried to think of ways to make Christmas Day special- different from every other year. After brunch, we are taking the dogs for a short hike before going to Dan’s mom’s for dinner. While brainstorming, Dan came up with a great idea! This past Sunday, we picked themes for our stockings. Then we each took a set amount of cash and set off in different directions to buy for each other. For example. Allyson and Dan’s themes were “classy” and “toys”. So I went off on an adventure to find items that defined the theme and would fit in the stocking. That was the hard part because our stockings do not hold much so we all deviated from that rule. Then, we wrapped our gifts but did not put tags on them. This morning as we opened said gifts, we had to guess who bought what. It was a lot of fun trying to shop and stay within the budget! Here are pics of what we each got. I think we each nailed it! 

             Allyson’s “Classy” theme. The pearls were my mom’s 🙂
Dan’s “Toys” theme (Nerf guns were in use when this photo was taken)

         My “Running” theme!

I can’t wait to do this again next year!! 
Well, time to get ready! Brunch is served! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


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