One more week til Christmas- are you ready?

Merry Christmas Peeps! I can not get over the fact that Christmas is only a week away.  I have purchased all my gifts ( and mostly all wrapped ). The Christmas cards have been sent.  The tree is up and the house is decorated. I really feel like I am on top of things this year! 

Well, mostly on top of things…..There are a few items on my Christmas bucket list that I was not able to cross off such as:
~ 2 tree lighting ceremonies in my area that I wanted to go to. I have been lived in my area for 10 years now and have yet to go to one.  I did head over to one but I had the time wrong and was 30 minutes too late and by that time there was no parking so we went home. 
~ I also missed the first two dates that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir TV special aired on PBS.  The next time it’s on is 12/24 from 9:00-10:00PM.  I will miss that one too.
~And I can not seem to stay awake for any of my favorite Christmas movies.  Good thing I have them all on DVD!  There is a small theater by my house that has free community events.  Apparently they have been showing classic Christmas movies on Monday nights and the last one is this coming Monday. Once again I am late knowing this so I am hoping we can catch “It’s a wonderful Life” on the big screen as a family.  Allyson has not seen it. Can you believe that? I do not know if she will come with since she is not a fan of movies but I hope she does.

We have been having a bunch of snow and ice here in the past week. I love watching the snow fall.  I love the peaceful feeling it brings. What I do not love is driving in it.  It’s not my driving ability that I get anxious about but the other drivers.  I am not thrilled about my 40 minute commute taking longer then an hour either. This makes me tired, cranky and then I am miserable. I can’t stand to be around myself when I get like that.  So, needless to say, I am ready for spring or moving to warmer climates.

So what’s to come in the next week? For starters, I am on vacation all week! I really wish I took off the 30th and 31st too (like I have done every year prior) but I didn’t.  I am SO looking forward to the time off. I have a lot of reading to catch up on and plan on having brunch with Allyson one of the days. Let’s see… what else?  I have my family Christmas party this Saturday, work’s party on Monday and then Christmas Eve church service and dinner at my SIL’s house.  I am not sure yet what we are doing on Christmas day… AND We still do not have New Years plans but if nothing comes up, we will go to a nice dinner or head up to the casino… it’s always a party there! Maybe I will start the new year off winning big! That would be pretty sweet. 

How about you? Are you ready? Do you have big plans for the holiday? 


2 thoughts on “One more week til Christmas- are you ready?

  1. We only get gifts for my niece and nephew and we are just waiting for those to be shipped, which should get here by Friday. And that's it! That's what I call easy peasy. lol

  2. I am a little jealous! I have so many kids in my family that we had to make a cut off age for gift giving. That eventually widdled the list but now those older ones are having babies! It's a vicious cycle – LOL

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