Randomness of my day

Hello peeps! Everyone enjoying their day ( or snow day in some cases )? While everyone is posting pretty pictures of the snow, I am at work. No biggie really except the drive in took 2 hours (norm is 40mins)! The WORST in my 10 years of driving this route. I honestly do not remember so many people getting stuck and actually blocking the road… This is what most of my drive in looked like:

I had no trouble since I have 4wd but was worried a few times when I had to stop on these hills and the cars in front of my started spinning their wheels.  I had Christmas music on in the car to stay calm but all the stop and go made me feel frustrated. My hands were shaking bad by the time I finally got to work. I must have been more tense then I realized because my arms are REALLY feeling sore now! LOL

It’s Tuesday! Do you what that means?? Wing night!!! And the season finale of SOA! WOO HOO!  It is going to be a LATE night and tomorrow I will probably be cranky.   You have been warned.

My friend is sharing his animal crackers.  I got a mutated one – wamp wamp wamp

I am tired and getting punchy because this cracker made me laugh and now I feel bad for him so he’s sitting on my desk.  His brothers and sisters had a different fate.

I took a break this afternoon to get the blood moving again. I did not get a workout in this morning even though I woke up early ( yay me! ).  I wanted to get out as early as possible to try and beat the snow.  Good try…  So, I headed to the stairwell to do some yoga and threw in a 1 minute plank for the fun of it.  It was just what I needed to snap out of the mid day doldrums.

As for waking up early, it is getting easier just not consistent yet.  I am actually starting to look forward to it – especially the stretching.  It helps with waking up my mind before I hit the coffee.

It’s almost time for me to go. The sun is out. I am told the roads are clear so let’s hope there is enough salt to keep the ice to a minimum.


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