Can I really do this AMWO thing?

Hey Peeps! How is everyone’s Wednesday? Can you believe the new year is only 4 weeks away? Crazy! I have been thinking A LOT the past few days about goals and where I want to be with them by 2014.  This time last year I was making a goal list for the last 6 weeks of the year and crossing it off as I went. This year, I did not make such a list.  Last year, that list of goals helped me to refocus on nutrition and wellbeing. This year, I am more comfortable with where I am at for the most part. What ever the case may be, I do have one nagging goal in mind:

I REALLY want to be one of those crazy people that get up at the butt crack of dawn and get in my workout before starting their day.


Now, in order to do this, I know I need to get up and just do it. But honestly, it’s not that easy for me. I love my sleep. Not to rub it in to my insomniac friends but I sleep like a bear.  When I was younger, my internal clock was always set to one time so I did not oversleep if I chose not to. Fast forward to adult hood and that internal clock seams to be broken. I rely heavily on my Sleep Cycle App and my dog, Zeus, to wake me up on time.  I have tried this before.  I would set my alarm for an hour early (plan to hit snooze at least twice ) and sleep in my WO clothes so all I need to do it jump up and go. This works for a day or two then I am right back to sleep mode.

I have a plan that I hope will help me achieve this goal by the new year.  I am taking this on like the sleep app. The app is set up to slowly wake you up within 30 minutes of your set wake up time. In doing so, you are not jolted out of REM and are less groggy in the morning.  See the link above for a more detailed explanation if interested. I plan to get up 15 minutes early at first and do basic moves like squats, wall push ups (because I can not do real ones ), planks and a little yoga.  After a few days of this, I will increase my wake up time by 5-10 minutes which will allow for more moves. Eventually, I would like this to be a full 30-40 minutes for HIIT or weights.  The weights will need to wait until I am used to being up and my mind is alert enough to lift heavy things. 

To hold myself accountable, I will be posting about it on social media. I am warning you all now. But honestly, this really does help me to stay on track.  If I know that other people are reading this and seeing my posts, I would feel like a total slacker if I fall short. So, wish me luck and feel free to check in on me once in a while to see how I am doing.  Support from friends is HUGE when making life changes!

Are you one of these crazy AMWO people?  How do you stick with it?


3 thoughts on “Can I really do this AMWO thing?

  1. Sorry, catching up on your posts!
    I get up at 4:06 to exercise every morning before work. It is certainly one of those things that becomes a habit over time; now when I skip a workout, it is like skipping a shower or not brushing my teeth. At first, the trick for me was to tell myself that it isn't a choice – there is no “am I going to get up?” – you just make yourself do it. Nike has it right for AMWOs – Just Do It!

    Good luck, Mary!

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