Post Thanksgiving wrap up

Hey peeps!  How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Even though I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, it still felt like I was on a full weeks vacation.  Work was down time for me actually since we had something to do every day last week except for Wednesday. We brought Al home, had two Thanksgiving dinners at my MIL’s, the big rival football game on Thursday morning, a casual dinner at my SIL’s, my niece’s 2nd birthday brunch and a Sunday visit with Dan’s Grammy who will be 91 this Saturday.  I even attended my 20th HS reunion which was SO much fun! I have come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This year seemed extra special for some reason. Maybe it was a combination of all the parties crammed into 5 days, spending time with family or reconnecting with old friends.   For the first time in a few years, I am truly feeling the holiday spirit. I’m not faking it this time – no sir.  I even put out Christmas decorations and my tree is decorated (early for me)! Now I just need to fill out the Christmas cards and get the shopping done.

I am really looking forward to the holiday season.  I want to do fun things! I want to enjoy the little things in life like sipping hot tea while shopping at outside malls and villages. Maybe we’ll drive for hours looking at lights. Most of all I want to celebrate with friends and family.  After all, to me it’s about creating memories not about the perfect gift or how much money I am spending.
Are you ready for the holidays to be here?  Do you have a tradition that you look forward to every year that puts you in the holiday spirit?

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