Happy Thanksgiving week!

Hey everybody! I have been silent the past few days and I apologize for being away so long! This was a pretty busy past few days.  I am not doing the #Blogember post today because I commented on my favorite teacher in this post right here.  I thought I would stop by and recap how the weekend went…

Saturday we cleaned the house and put out some Christmas decorations. We thought it would be nice for Allyson to come home to some Christmas cheer.  Dan and I also bought a few new things for the season:

I love these new gothic candle holders and decorative reindeer plates! We also snagged this white and silver table runner (Home Goods and Ross)

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. It was so cold and windy we did not want to leave the house.  So, we watched football and some SOA season 5. 

Monday we drove up to Dartmouth to bring Allyson home! It was a 6.5 hour drive up. We stayed for lunch, packed up the car with her bike and clothes then drove back home. I managed to get out of driving duty ( not that I didn’t offer on the way home).  Thirteen hours in the car – UGH. No matter if I am driving or a passenger, car rides make me very sleepy.  After 2 hours, I am ready for a nap. On the way home, Allyson drove the first 3 hours then Dan took over. I wanted to stay awake for Dan’s sake so I fought the head bobs for a solid three hours until we got home. So today, my ass is dragging! We tried to play a joke on Al.  The entire 6 weeks she had been gone, Dan was telling her how I am not keeping up with the dishes ( this was her job ) and they were really piling up.  Of course she did not believe this.  So before we left, we pulled out the (clean) pots, pans, plates, cups etc., then cluttered the sink and counter top.  Wouldn’t you know she walked right past it all and I had to ask her if she noticed it?  Epic fail.  We thought it was funny… talk about a let down! 

In another 6 weeks, we make the drive back. It is great having her home. I can’t wait for mother/daughter time! 

We have a ton of family stuff going on this week (dinners, birthday brunch plus my HS reunion).  I hope I remember to take pictures!  Family, you have been warned! I will try to jump on here now the then to say hi.

What do you have planned for the holiday or your weekend (for my Canada friends)? 

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