My first concert

     I am behind in my #Blogember posts and yesterday was to talk about my first concert.  I was never allowed to go to concerts when I was younger.  I remember by older sisters going when they were in high school but for some reason, I was not allowed – even with friends.  Maybe it was an over protective thing because I was the baby.  I missed out on a lot of EPIC tours that are still talked about today.  Once I started dating Dan, I really had no interest in concerts anymore AND I had a fear of crowds which helped cancel out the want for a good concert.  So, I passed when he asked me to go see Pink Floyd.  I still kick myself over that one. He should have made me go – damn it!

Fast forward to May 24,1998 and my first concert.  It was Van Halen – but not the good VH with Sammy or David…. no, it was VH III with Gary Cherone.  I think Fuel was the opening act. I remember not hating the concert but Gary was not a good fit.  The best part of the night was when Gary went to jump off of one side of the stage, stumbled and fell backwards over the stack of amps. OMG – I will never forget that! 

This was also a turning point for me.  With each show I went to, my fear of crowds lessened. I am more open to trying new situations and places.

What was your first concert?


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