Glory Days of the Hut

…. Pizza Hut that is…..

Today’s #Blogember post is asking about what my first job was.

I had my share of babysitting jobs in middle school.  I also did filing after school for several years at my sister Ellie’s place of employment.  It was easy and quick cash.  I even tried working at Dairy Queen but that only lasted a week.  The owner did not know what personal space meant and he had bad breath.

My first real job was at the Pizza Hut around the corner from my house. See the picture above?  I found that on Google – the exact location.  God bless Google!  My brother Vince was already working there.  I had turned 16 a few months before. I remember coming home one day from school and my mom told me to go down to the store because I start work that evening.  Ummm… what? Yep, I had no say in it.  I was expected to get a job but hadn’t had any luck ( because I was not trying to hard ) so my mom had my brother get me a job with him. So, I did what I was told and
I actually ended up really liking it and stayed there for about 5 years. I had friends from school working there which was cool. After close (depending on the staff) that place was like a party!  I still have some of those friendships today.  This is also where I met Dan! I was a shift manager. He was a driver…. the rest is history. 

Every once in a while we will go to a Hut and reminisce about the glory days. The days when we had no cares in the world.  We will wonder what ever happened to certain employees we worked with.  We laugh at how the current staff is not handling a busy Friday night very well.  “Our” Hut is no longer there. It has been replaced by a gas station. That makes me a little sad. I really wish I had pictures from that time.  Our stories are all we have left!

What was your first job? Would you ever want to go back and do it all again?


2 thoughts on “Glory Days of the Hut

  1. I worked at Dairy Queen as a teenager. Was there personal space inside the store where you worked?! There was NO SPACE in the one I worked at – a tiny little closet of a store – that required five of us jammed inside and bumping into each other to handle the lines that wrapped around the parking lot. Good times! lol

  2. Our store was the two window walk up kind. My issue with him was that he could have stood next to me but no, he stood directly behind me. The thought still creeps me out! LOL

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