My favorite grade in elementary school and why

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s post prompt for #Blogember is to talk about my favorite grade in elementary school. I went to a small catholic school north of Philadelphia. At any time there were only 40-60 kids per grade, with two classes divided equally. Each grade sticks out in my head for one reason or another. But for me, my favorite has to be third grade. This was the year that started my love of history. I think this was the first time we learned in depth about Philly history. I do not think there was a field trip this year but I do remember going to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell with my Aunt and cousin. It was rainy, I was cold and must have complained because my aunt yelled at me a lot. But besides that, I remember being in awe of the old bell, the artifacts and costumes the employees wore.

One other part of third grade that I remember was my teacher, Mrs. Meeks. She was so cool. She always told us stories and was really nice. One day she taught us some slang:

“ya, djoo”

It’s so silly that this is what I remember about her. I can still picture her saying it though….

What is one of your favorite grade school memories?


One thought on “My favorite grade in elementary school and why

  1. I grew up in Pittsburgh and I remember going to the liberty bell for a field trip or something, but now I can't remember how all those kids would have gotten all the way across the state like that…maybe I dreamed it. lol, I have a bad memory.

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