#TBT – 80’s Who remembers…..???

I have been deviating from the #Blogember (blog every day in November ) list. I have been really  flat out tired lately and the prompts have not been inspiring me to write… I have been finding inspiration in other places – mostly social media. This post idea came to me from my friend, Roxie over on FB.  She had asked if anyone ever had a pen pal… I was thinking about Pen Pals just a few days before and thought that is such a lost art. So from that,  I decided to make a #TBT post of things from my childhood that were no longer cool or just simply forgotten by the time the 90’s introduced flip phones, chat rooms and video games with more then a stick and one button for a controller…
Ah hem hem… who out there remembers:

Autograph books – you weren’t cool if you didn’t fold in the pages.  I really wish I still had mine. I think they got wrecked in one of the floods in our basement.

Pen pals! I remember getting assigned an international Pen Pal once in grade school.  That didn’t last long because we had ZERO in common (including English).  I did have another one – a girl in TX. That one lasted about a year or two. I think her name was Susan and she liked purple.

Micro Magic- shakes, burgers and fries.  These were the BEST microwavable meals!  They tasted just like fast food.

Pink/white or black/gold Huffy bikes ( the only two colors available ).   I remember the day my BFF from across the street and her brother got these bikes. Every kid in the neighborhood waited in line to take it for a spin.

If you were lucky enough to have a phone in your room, it was probably see through, lit up neon or shaped like a burger or football.  I had one shaped like this but it was pink.
I can not end the post without mentioning these big collectables:

What girl didn’t collect these charms?  I had 2 necklaces filled with charms.  and I wore them at the same time… it was like a status symbol or something- LOL

These barrettes were my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!  My sister made them all for me – I probably had 40-50 pairs.  My aunt made me a crocheted face of a girl with long blonde braids that hung on the door knob just for my ribbon barrettes.  I really wish I made these for Allyson when she was little and had no control of what I put in her hair…. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me! I can go on and on here but I think I stop right here.  Are you an 80’s kid?  Is there something from your childhood that you wish was still around to share with your own kids?


2 thoughts on “#TBT – 80’s Who remembers…..???

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I haven't thought about these things in AGES. The autograph books! The charm necklaces! The barrettes!
    Gosh – made me think of some other things. Remember sticker books?! And making potholders on those loom things!?
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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