A busy week leads to a low key weekend

    Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low key. We both had a busy week so it was good to just chill the past two days. Dan had a business trip that lasted from last Sunday until Wednesday. I was asleep when he got home and didn’t really see him much until Friday after work. I was alone with the dogs while he was gone. I was so bored! But I had a girl’s night on Thursday to look forward to. Every year we go to out friend’s church for their annual Bid N Buy. It’s a silent auction of sorts that raises money for a local charity. They have this long table full of items that you use tickets to “bid” on. There are also big door prizes, a money tree, basket of cheer… This year there was a bunch of Michael Kors bags, watches, sunglasses plus items from Coach, Stellla and Dot, gift certificates for hair salons, restaurants and other items for home decor and hostessing. In all there were 87 items up for bid. We had a couple big winners at our table this year! I finally broke my 7 year losing streak too with something I think Allyson will love! Can’t tell you what though 😉

    My great group of ladies- ❤️ Ya!

   By the time I got home, Dan was sleeping. Traveling on the same day as the time change really screwed him up! So, Friday he had the day off and I worked. I couldn’t wait to get home and hear all about his trip! When I did finally get home, he surprised me with a candlelight dinner (1,2,3 awweeee).
French bread with vegetable hummus & shrimp scampi! It was perfect! After we ate, we watched “Flight” on Netflix. It was ok. Not much excitement but it was a good story… Dan fell asleep LOL. 
    As for Saturday, we slacked off all morning then did a lot of yard and garden clean up. There are so many weeds in a few of the gardens but that will have to wait until spring. I am already dreading that. We learned that the Dartmouth/Cornell football game was to be televised so of course we watched that in hopes to get a glimpse of Allyson with the marching band. There was a close up of her for a brief second. It was quick but exciting non the less! We could hear the band playing though and they sounded great! 
   Today we actually made it to church (it’s been a while). Afterward, we picked up some Panera and headed to our sister’s house to have lunch with her Dan’s mom and the kiddos. It was great seeing them and catching up. It’s been about a month – the last time we’ve been to church too. The rest of the day has been filled with food shopping, cooking, laundry, our weekly chat with Allyson and more football. Like I said, low key and I have loved every second of it….
   Oh yeah! I am trying out different ways to wear my hair for the holidays. Here is my first attempt:

              What do you think?

How did you spend your weekend? 


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