Friday’s 5 – Got Time?

Yesterday, I really struggled with the #Blogember prompt from yesterday about giving you a glimpse into a day in my life.  Any direction I went with, turned up flat so I decided to bag it. Today’s prompt is to spend 5 minutes on talking about “Time”.   So for me, I am incorporating my Friday’s 5 post and talking to you about finding time for happiness.  You know how when you go on vacation and you have all the time in the world? You explore your surroundings, try new foods or maybe even lay in a hammock all day with a drink in your hand watching the clouds go by.  Then you come home all relaxed and promise yourself to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.  Yeah – that lasts maybe a week – tops! So, here are five things that I do or plan on doing to try and stay in vacation mode…

1. Buy yourself a new, bright colored accessory – maybe a scarf or funky enamel necklace. It will lift your spirits on a gloomy fall day.
2. Are you a beach lover? Why not fill a few apothecary jars of varying sizes with shells, sand or other beachy items to decorate your favorite room that you like to relax in. This will work for mountain dwellers too by using pine cones or river rocks.
3. Instead of wondering around the mall looking at the same stores time and again, go explore a town center, flea market or farmer’s market in your area.  Take in the sights and sounds that surround you. You may be surprised at what is available. You never know, you just might find something that fits in with #1 or #2!
4. Have you ever driven a route for years and suddenly one day you notice a sandwich shop or tea room that you never realized existed? The next time you are trying to figure out where to go eat, why not go there? When you are on vacation, you are forced to try new dining establishments. What is stopping you at home?
5.  If your weekends are like mine, you spend a lot of your time running around doing errands. I know you might be exhausted after work but if you take one weeknight to do your food shopping and other errands that you do every single week, you would have more time on the weekend to do what ever it is you want to do rather than what is needed to be done. 
I will leave with this doodle I found on Google:

Is there something special that you like to do to hold on to that zen like feeling?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s 5 – Got Time?

  1. Anonymous says:

    #2 – I have a jar full of sand and shells from Sanibel Island from my Honeymoon. It is 20 years old now and I still look at it and smile. I am a beach lover till the day I die and I have it with me all the time! – Mich

  2. That's really special that you have that. My friend Lisa LOVES Sanibel Island. She says it has the best shells. If she ever gets her wish of taking me there, I'll make you another jar 🙂

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