Black Friday is an endangered non-holiday

                                          Lexington, KY 2012
I am not really sure how to start this post… I am not playing #Blogember today because honestly, I suck at suggesting apps.  I CAN do it but I don’t sell stuff like that well… But I know I wanted to continue to challenge myself by blogging every day this month.  So, I quickly checked social media, read a recap of yesterday’s SOA episode, then came across an article about how K-Mart is opening at 6:00AM on Thanksgiving and staying open for 41 hours straight.  You can check out the short article here.  Now, big chain stores have always been open on Thanksgiving.  However, they have never attempted to stay open through dinner.  This, my friends, is really causing an uproar! People are taking to social media and saying they will protest any stores that open on Thanksgiving.  They are all like, “It’s not fair to the employees to miss Thanksgiving dinner with their families.”  Or they go so far as call the store CEO’s evil, heartless and greedy.  But here’s the thing people…  They would not open these stores if they thought no one would come and spend money on their goods.  Did any of these people that are getting their panties in a bunch ever have a high school job that required them to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas ( maybe alternating every year)?  I just want to shake them and yell, “Shut up and sit down!” Maybe these people, who are most likely volunteering to work, don’t have family to share a meal with…Maybe they do and just don’t like those people… or they have a family that is struggling and every penny counts, so they work every possible hour they can get… or how about the struggling student paying their way through college….   Get a grip! I know this next thing is going to be very hard to grasp but here it is: If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go!!!!   No one is forcing you to go shopping on Thanksgiving.  So, do everyone a favor and stay home! Enjoy your holiday and stop worrying about what other people are doing.

I do think that Black Friday is a thing of the past now that the sales have oozed across the  small blocks on the calendar to start earlier in the week.  The thrill of having those first 6-8 Black Friday hours to find the best deals possible without killing someone before the clock strikes noon and the early bird super sales end, sadly, is gone. Pretty soon, Black Friday specials will be a thing of the past. 

What do you think? Should retail stores be open all day on National Holidays? 

Hey Canada – You Hoo!! Is retail open on holidays up where you are? Or is it a weird State’s thing?


4 thoughts on “Black Friday is an endangered non-holiday

  1. I don't think it should be open. I understand that some people can volunteer to work, but having worked in retail while going to college, I know all too well that taking that day off if you want to spend it with family is reserved for those who have seniority. They may put you on the schedule to work without giving you an option even if you want to stay home with your family. And it's not like you can say, well I can't work because then they will use it against you. It's retail and it's brutal… they don't give a shit about employees during those holiday days. I got stuck working xmas eve so many times which wasn't fair to me but I still needed a job. It just sucks all around. But it what it is.

  2. Amen, Sister. When I was a kid growing up, my dad would always make a special trip to the gas station, store, wherever the day before any holiday so that he wouldn't have to go ON the holiday. He would say to us, “If people don't shop there, they won't stay open and their employees will be able to have off for the holiday to be with their families.” And, mind you, this was decades ago before the shopping thing was as insane as it is now. But I still carry his words with me to this day. So much for it working, huh? lol

  3. Retail DOES suck! I don't think I ever had to work on the holidays. I think because I had a baby at the time, I always got out of it. But I remember my siblings doing it. But back then, the stores were only open until 1-2:00 in the afternoon. I don't think they should be open this late. But unfortunately they know people will come out so they do it – it's that whole “supply and demand” thing I think.

  4. My dad was the same way :0)
    I know I will be enjoying the HS football game in the morning then heading to Dan's mom's for dinner. Hopefully I will avoid a food coma again this year! Shopping is always the last thing on my mind!

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