Freedom: to choose

For day four of Blogember, we are asked to write for five minutes on “Freedom”.  I am been thinking about this since last night.  What can I right about that does not sound cliché? It’s a hard and sometimes sensitive topic to write about.  As I was sitting here at my desk, thinking more about this, I considered skipping today’s assignment.  Honestly, when I first saw the list, I was planning on skipping today.  But no. I decided to sit here and start typing and whatever this becomes, it stays.  Then a thought hit me… was today’s topic chosen on purpose? Tomorrow is election day.  A friend of mine asked me today if I was voting.  I actually have no intention in going.  But thinking about how freedom has a million meanings depending on who you ask, I think I will be going after work.  Why? Because I can.


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