Friday’s 5


     TGIF friends!  For today’s Friday’s 5, I wanted to spotlight some blogs that entertained me this week.  Some are informative and some are, in my opinion, funny as hell.  The blogging world in an interesting place.  If you are looking for info on any specific topic to read, a quick Google search will bring up at least 1 blog listing.  Some are professional opinions and others are personal.  Either way, if you stop in to read what that person has to say, leave a comment letting them know you are there!

Here is my top 5 picks of the week. Just click on the blog name to be directed to the mentioned post. Enjoy!

1.  If you are accessory challenged like me, you will like this.  Sarah just “gets it”. If anyone can get me back into wearing heels again, it’s this girl. This post about fall booties was a good one for me since I have yet to find a pair that I like.  But the Aldo pair listed? I got my eye on those babies.  Check out Tales of a 38 Inseam

2.  I was excited when I saw this post about chia seeds show up in my inbox this week! I am serious.  EX-CIT-ED! I have been putting chia on my salads from months but I have never tried baking with them or have any idea what else to use them for (besides protein shakes which I am too lazy to make and clean up the mess).  This post has a list of suggestions which I thought was very helpful! And there is a give-away going on right now too! For everything Chia, check out Healthy Running Mom.

3. I am still getting to know Kenya over at Life With Giggles.  She is a Jersey girl who isn’t afraid tells it like it is.  She has a goofy side to her too and likes to make people giggle. I think that is why I like her.  Her post about why football fans want to punch non-fans in the face really did make me giggle. Go check out her for yourself if you don’t believe me.

4. I get a lot of my clean eating and lifting advice from Suzanne at Workout Nirvana.  She just started a weekly round up of things she has read or learned and wanted to pass on in her posts every Friday.  I always learn so much from Suzanne’s newsletters and blog posts.  She is always professional, informative and to the point. Check out her post on eating and your metabolism.

5. The Bloggess has got to be THE funniest chick in the blog world I have ever come across.  She also tells it like it is ( you see a pattern here too?) but in a dry humor (more like me), almost child like way. This post about being bullied into wearing orange for anti bullying day is funny but true. I am sure we have all had some type of experience like this before.

While you are visiting my selected posts, feel free to not only comment if you want but check out other posts if you like what you see! 

Till next time friends… Enjoy your weekend!


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