Down time? What’s that?

     Happy Monday everyone! This has been an eventful weekend for sure. I was able to try new things as well as enjoy some favorite activities also!

     For starters, I crossed an item off my bucket list for 2013. I completed my first 5K! 
I was joined by two great friends, Jen and Kiel. It was a beautiful morning on Lake Galena. Once the clouds lifted and the sun came out, it was hot! The event was for a non-profit called “4 the M.I.N.D.S” which supports those with mental illness. They had a nice size turn out. It was manageable size- not overwhelming for my first time out. I was a little nervous before leaving the house but was fine once I got there and met up with my friends. It was an out and back, hilly course around the one end of the lake. At about the 2.5 mile mark, I was even with another woman. We encouraged each other to keep going for the last half, which really helped me mentally. It was the boost I needed especially when she got ahead of me LOL. I pushed myself at the end giving it all I had and finished in 38.20. I was happy with the result considering all the hills. My goal was to be between 35-40 minutes. Then, I cheered Kiel on as he came in around 40 mins and Jen at around 42 (with a bum foot too!) I honestly would have never signed up for  this if it wasn’t for them doing it with me. The first thing we said after we all were together was, “When are we signing up for the next race?” We had fun. And the icing on the cake? Kiel came in 2nd in his age group! Great job guys! Thanks for seeing me through this and helping me reach a goal that I have been wanting for a while.

    After getting home and showering, Dan and I decided to check out Oktoberfest at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. The event was sponsors by Yuengling. While eating stuffed cabbage and enjoying our “Oktoberfest” brew, we watched an endurance competition where the local pub competitors had to hold two pitchers of beer with their arms straight out without spilling. In the picture below, it was girl vs. boy – the girl won holding out for a little over 4 minutes! Impressive! Then we checked out some live music before heading out. It wasn’t crowded since it was early in the day. But again, it was hot too so we ready to leave after an hour. 

We decided to walk around Bethlehem and check out some shops before heading home. 
    To end the day, we attended the local marching band competition “Spectrum of Sound” host by our own Pennridge Marching Rams. 
All the competing bands sounded great. But Pennridge, being 140 strong this year blew us away. They sounded amazing and their show is tight. I think there are many high scores and wins in their future for this season. So, that was my Saturday! 

     On Sunday, I was not feeling like myself. But, I sucked it up anyway and got in a 4 mile hike at Jacobsburg SP in Nazareth. I love this park for easy hikes. It was cloudy and humid but I am glad we went. 
After the hike we did food shopping. Dan made a big pot of turkey & chorizo chili. I love his chili! I can never seam to make it like he does. I made a roasted cauliflower soup to heat up later in the week for dinner. I got the recipe from the Go Fit Gals. It is really tasty! We ended the night with a few episodes of SOA- finishing up season 3 before turning in. We are seriously addicted to this show! 
    Did you have a good weekend? Did you try anything new?

5 thoughts on “Down time? What’s that?

  1. Congrats Mary on your 5k! Great cause, great friends, sounds like a great race overall! I've decided that I now prefer smaller races (ever since Disney…I don't like to be among 10,000 people…too insane!).

    And you already know what I did this weekend 🙂

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