Watch out Philly! There’s a new food truck in town.

   Last weekend, I was invited to the party of all parties to end the summer. My cousin, Steven Way launched his new business: Smokin Tacos food truck! (Philadelphia, PA)

           Pretty sweet ride right?

One thing that is known about Steven within the family is that he is a REALLY good cook! So when I had heard that he wanted to start a food truck, I was not surprised. I thought it was a perfect fit! 
The menu options for the evening were:
Enchiladas – with a vegan option
Tacos: chicken with corn salsa, beef with pico de gallo, pulled pork with salsa and slaw, cold cucumber soup.
I actually do not have pictures of the food since I failed to charge my phone. (Bad blogger! Bad!) However, I like to eat and you can trust me when I say everything was excellent. Yes- I tasted a little of everything – don’t judge. I liked the chicken and pulled pork best. Dan’s favorite was a beef and pork. What did I like most about the food overall? The tacos were not sloppy with sauce. AND they were not loaded with cheese or cheese sauces making them a healthier lunch option for me. What’s one thing makes his taco truck different from others out there? Come closer and I’ll tell you…. (He smokes all the meat) Yep! Smoked – to – perfection! All of the sauces and toppings are made from scratch as well- layered in a perfect balance of each other. 
             Steven Way & Eric O’Neill

So Philly, if you see Smokin’ Tacos roll up to a curb near you, make sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat. You can stop back in here to thank me later 🙂


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