Lattes, Tacos and A Call Home

    How was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was full of family and just loving life in general. 

   I was most excited for Allyson’s call home on Saturday morning. She said her white water kayak trip was hard but so much fun. Her dorm room is set up. And she’s spending the down time before the rest of the students come to campus by hanging out with kids from her trip. She is having a good time from the sounds of it. 
   When I woke up on Saturday, I really wanted a latte. It was a cool morning which switches my mind into fall mode. That means everything fall flavored. I am determined to master a homemade dairy free pumpkin latte without all the sugar and high prices of the coffee shops. I didn’t have pumpkin but I hit up Pinterest for inspiration. More on this to come in the next few weeks. What I did have in hand was hazelnut spread, strong coffee instead of espresso and almond/coconut milk. I used 1 tbsp of hazelnut, about a 1/4C of the almond milk, mixed that well (heating would have worked better but I am impatient). I added that to my coffee and sprinkled it with nutmeg. 

             Mmmmmmm good

    We went up to Cabela’s to check out some tents and other camping equipment. Although we didn’t buy anything, we still had fun looking around and people watching. We also were lured in to the new cigar store that just opened right next door. We don’t do cigars but this was a sight to see. The two decks, two bars and servers who will take your drink order while you shop… I think I even saw a pool table in there too! The place was huge! A total man cave. 
    We ended the day with a launch party for our cousin Steven’s food truck! More to come on this since I want to do a whole review to help promote his new business. One thing I will say and I have knows this for years is that this guy sure can cook! Here is a sneak peak: 
   Today, Dan and I felt we needed exercise so we headed out for an easy hike at Evansburg State Park. We needed up doing 4.75mi and were frustrated the whole time. The trails were not well marked and ended up making smaller circles and covering the same trail sections a few times instead of the five mile loop we set out to do. It wasn’t very pretty either. We did see a few guys in the creek with what looked like harpoon arrows and bows. Is harpoon fishing even legal in PA? I liked the exercise but we will not be returning. 
All the vistas looked like this. All the trails were overgrown and loaded with dead fallen trees. I was not impressed. I gave it 1 star on my All Trails App.
    Anyway, it did not ruin my vibe for what was already a great weekend. Now it’s back to work tomorrow. I am already planning an action packed two days for next weekend! Stay tuned 🙂
Do you have a favorite go to food/drink/flavor for fall?


3 thoughts on “Lattes, Tacos and A Call Home

  1. Love pumpkin lattes! I ask for only one pump of syrup since I don't need al the sugar either… Bummer about the trail! I too have been hiking in an area with not well marked trails and ended up going on a much longer hike instead. Which normally would have been fine, except I was with my dog, who really can't do 3 mile walks with HILLS. I had to help her the last mile….I totally understand your frustration!

  2. I think if it's a state park where they maintain historical buildings, playgrounds and picnic areas, there should be no excuse for poorly marked trails. Cloe doesn't have trouble with the uneven terrain of hiking trails? She is SOME dog!

  3. The trails we were on were pretty even and wide, but a bit hilly. She can navigate uneven terrain somewhat easily, more so a couple years ago. Now her arthritis is starting to show, so we don't do trail hikes anymore, but she could as a tripawd when she was 10/11yrs old!

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