Two Campers and a College Bound Teen

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! This weekend was pretty busy for us. We took Allyson to Dartmouth and then camped out, just the two of us at DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) State Park in MA. Saturday morning I started crying when we dropped the dogs off at the kennel(I didn’t even get out of the kennel’s door!). And I cried while we packed the car. But after that, I was ok. I was also fine all Sunday morning moving Al’s things up to her room and walking around campus. Nope! I did good. I only cried for a few minutes when we said goodbye before she headed to the DOC to sign in for her trip. I don’t blame her for not wanting us to walk her over. My crying would have embarrassed her. So, we left. I think Dan was expecting to stay longer with her but she was ready to go. Anyway, I made a bunch of photo collages of our trip via #Instaframe to help make this less wordy and more interesting.

Al and I had very little room once we packed the car with dorm and camping stuff. By this time (11:00am) she was ready to go! It poured for almost five hours of our drive (took 8 instead of 6-7 hrs).  We stayed at a hotel in Brattleboro, VT Sat night (planned)

Once we got to campus Sunday morning, we had plenty of time to walk round before the undergrad office opened so Al could get her key. As you can see, it was still gloomy out but not raining! The welcome sign is where she would go to sign in for her trip with other freshman.
Finally! A dorm room key! Off we went to “French” to carry her bags up to the fourth floor. Her room is a double but two single smaller rooms. I am standing in her roommate’s doorway to take the picture. 
I just had to take a picture of the burgers Dan and I had at Molly’s Pub. We were all starving after all the walking around and moving in so we stopped for a bite before doing more campus exploring. Dan got a breakfast burger (beef) and I got this turkey burger with corn and roasted pepper in the meat and glazed with maple syrup. It was amazing! Dan really liked his too. Al had a black bean burger but I dare not ask to take a picture of hers too- but she liked it LOL. The statue is of Robert Frost. 

After we left Al, we made it to DAR in two hours and got to work on setting up camp. We took a short 30 min walk by the lake then headed back to camp to get the fire started. It had rained shortly before we arrived. Then started up again at 9:30pm just was we literally zipped up the tent to go to bed. Perfect timing because we were beat! 

That last night sleep sucked with the heavy downpours w/thunder and lightening. It was still raining when we got up. Since we were expecting it to rain all monday, day and night, we decided to bring the tent under the tarp. We did get some water drip in during the worst of the storms (just over me) and I did not want to deal with that again! The skies actually cleared up around 1:00pm which gave us time to get some hiking in! This is Fire Tower. The view at the top boasts that apparently you can see four states. But, I had no idea what direction I was looking in. The top deck was closed so I got as far as the steps went. It was a pretty view!
Hiking along Clear Lake
I thought this place felt like a fairytale. With Knome homes, fairy pools, stacked rocks, so many odd varieties of fungi and these little guys running around in all different colors, it felt magical. I was happy to not see a bear or moose. Although a moose would be cool, I hear they are dangerous. I would have no idea what to do if I encountered one. I should google that for future. 

Breakfast- eggs and hot salsa with my favorite coffee in instant single packs (score!) and of course hot dogs done right! 

Because of the rain and probably back to school, we were one of four campsites left occupied. We had the whole road to ourselves. This was the view once our fire died down. Pitch black and so quiet! It did finally rain again around 10:30 but we had already turned in. We were up again at dawn this morning, packed and on the road by 7:00am.

 It is nice to be home. I had a lot of fun this weekend. I look forward to hearing all about Al’s DOC trip – white water rafting. She gets back Thursday. And I look forward to our next camping adventure! But most of all, I look forward to a good night’s sleep in my own bed 🙂
I thought camping would be hard without a lot of “stuff”. We had no choice but to pack light since we had all Al’s things too. But I learned something: camping, like running, does not need a lot of gear to be doable. Just the bare minimum is all you need to have fun. Most importantly, don’t over think it! 
What about you? Did you do anything fun  this weekend? 
Do you have any camping tips for us newbies?


2 thoughts on “Two Campers and a College Bound Teen

  1. Packed weekend! Love the picts of the camp ground area, it does look magical! Also love the tarp over the tent idea too! Sometimes rain flys dont totally work….especially in humongous downpours!

    Al must be super excited to be starting college! Such an exciting, but still a little nervewracking experience!

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