Girl on Grill – Pears

    Any pear fans out there? I have never been keen on this fruit. I think it goes back to being a little girl and cutting my mouth on the stem when I attempted to eat it from the top, fresh picked from the tree. Yes, even at that age, I was having blonde moments.  I have tried pears a few times in my adult life. Each time, they were too hard or too gritty feeling.  It makes you wonder WHY on earth I would plant a pear tree in my yard? I am not sure but, I did… and this is the first year that it produced fruit. What the heck am I going to do with the 10 pears that I got off the tree? Dan does not eat fruit and Allyson can’t eat them ALL.  

One night two weeks ago, I was making turkey burgers. I was thinking about doctoring them up somehow.  However, I was not sure how I wanted to make them.  Dan had the idea of trying the pears grilled! Grilled pears? That sounds weird. I have grilled pineapple and tomato before. I know people grill peaches…. but pears? Ok, I’ll try it.  I sliced the sides of the pear off the core and removed the “hump”.  The only other prep I did was brush on some EVOO so that it did not burn.  Grill time because they were still a little hard was approx. 20 minutes on medium heat (this may vary depending on your grill).  I topped the turkey burger with a pear slice, tomato, lettuce and a little mayo. Holy moly were these good!  The pears were sweet, juicy and not gritty at all.  They were the perfect compliment to the turkey.

                   Grilled to perfection

If you have the chance, I highly suggest you try this.  I have made it twice already and can’t wait to do it again.  I am having chicken tonight. I think I might grill up the pears to have as a side dish.

Have you ever had a, “You want me to grill what?” moment?


6 thoughts on “Girl on Grill – Pears

  1. Sounds good! I've also not been a fan of pears growing up (it was the gritty texture), but when I got older I found there are many varieties and some are delicious! I've also sauteed pears with EVOO and some balsamic vinegar to put on a salad, delicious!

  2. nathanalbert says:

    First of all, I’m totally going to try this. They would be PERFECT with a little brown sugar and honey on the grill!
    I grilled portobello burgers for the first time not too long ago and they were awesome!

  3. Yum! I have always loved pears and somehow they are the best in peanut butter and other sweet dips. I’ve never tried to grill them but I def. will have to now. Thanks for a great idea.

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