Wings, Beer and a Birthday

    Hey everyone!  How was your weekend?  Here is a recap of my past week.  As some of you already know, last week was my birthday week.  We had  a lot going on between both of our jobs being crazy busy, Allyson being at the shore and some of Dan’s old friends in town for a bachelor party on the 10th.  Although I tried to declare it birthday week and get to do whatever I wanted to do, it did not work out that way (it never does actually). 
    We started the week off with some outlet shopping last weekend (8/3).  This is our tradition. It gets Dan off the hook of having to figure out what to get me and I get what I want! Double score for the team. However, nothing appealed to me. I went in to so many stores – nice work clothes, running clothes, hiking gear… I walked away from the day with three bras for $9.99 each at Maidenform. Big whoop! It’s a great deal but definitely not gift worthy.  After getting discouraged and not “feeling it” anymore, we went to grab a bite to eat at a local, pretty famous for the area -tavern. What do I want? WINGS!! I love hot wings ( not death hot but a little kick).  This will make be happy again – wings and beer.  Again total let down – not impressed… the rest of my meal went the same way. I could not wait to just get home.
   Sunday was pretty lame  – laundry, food shopping… I did make my own BBQ sauce and grilled a bunch of chicken on my new grill. It was really good!  The weather was perfect too.
   Monday – homemade taco turkey burgers.  I really need to make these again! Cooked to perfection!
   Tuesday it looked like rain so we went out for wing night at one of our local bars. Always good here! 
   Wednesday was birthday eve and I was not cooking so we went to TGI Friday’s and ate more wings.  Because Dan kept making plans with friends and forgetting my birthday was this week ( I seriously had to remind him almost every day for a week! LOL), he insisted we go shopping to make it up to me.  I told him it did not really feel like a birthday so it was no big deal, I did not need to get anything, he can take me shopping another time, yadda yadda yadda…  I walked out of Best Buy with a Windows Surface tablet.  I LOVE IT.
    Thursday – BIRTHDAY! We were going to a sports bar and was hoping to meet up with one of his old friends but he was running late so that did not happen. So, I had more wings and lots of beer. We had fun just hanging out and people watching.  I was surprised I was not hung over the next day…
    Friday was our special night out. Allyson was back from the shore, we were done with work for the weekend… time for dinner and a movie.  I chose Bonefish Grill and had their Ahi Tuna “Tokyo Style” which is just seared and crusted with sesame seeds. It was fantastic!  I did not take any pictures of my food because this really embarrasses the family. Especially when I forget about the shutter sound and flash. You can go on line and see if there is a picture – LOL  After dinner we watched “We’re the Miller’s” OMG HYS-TER-IC-AL!  Make sure you go see this movie. I am not a huge fan of Jennifer Anniston (she’s pretty but not all that as an actor in my opinion ) but the whole cast played well of each other. I was laughing from beginning to end.  That is all I will say about it so that I do not build it up THAT much! Go see for yourself.
   Saturday – cleaned, hung out with old friends until 10:00PM while Dan was at his bachelor party – thought our friend was arrested and Dan was with him, left at 10:30pm to get gas, pick up $$, pick up said friend’s wife, try to figure out where the hell the police station was… oh wait what? You all were just joking? Sigh…. I had only gotten gas and money so I went back home $40 richer and was actually NOT mad.  I think I already prepared myself for SOMETHING to happen since there is usually an epic story when these guys get together… Gotta love them. I would have been pissed though if I made it as far as searching for their whereabouts. I was just happy they were safe and not rotting in a Philly holding cell. 
   Sunday, even though I only had 5 hours sleep and Dan 3, we decided to go for an easy hike.  This hike started out lame but ended REALY FUN!  At the top of Haycock mountain, you are literally hauling your body up over massive boulders to got to the top. So much for an easy day. It was such a great all over work out. We had a lot of fun. Bouldering, who knew I’d love you so? I hope to go again sometime. It was hard but so worth it to get to the top.  I totally underestimated my own strength until then.  And a great side effect was that my waist felt small and my shoulders felt huge the next day! LOL

Did you do anything adventurous this weekend?
Is there one food item that you jut cannot resist?

8 thoughts on “Wings, Beer and a Birthday

  1. Wow quite the jam packed birthday week! And you got a tablet, thats awesome! I was going to suggest a boat load of different websites for athletic gear that I always *hint hint* to my parents, but glad to hear you got something cool!

    Most adventurous thing this weekend… probably my 8 mile run that I woke up at 4:30 in the morning for! Waking up that early on a Sunday is an adventure all on its own… Today my legs are 95% fully recovered, so I'm off to do a short run + short bike ride + light strength training sesh!

    Food item I can't resist: fruit in general (which is good), and sweets in general (which is bad), especially cookies or cheesecake!

  2. I have an Amazon wish list that is reserved for Christmas- LOL
    Great job on the run @4:30am! I can't even get up before 6:00 on a good day. I wish I was an early morning runner. My body and mind do not agree with this subject. LOL
    My favorite cheesecakes are the vanilla bean from TGI Friday's and Pumpkin from Olive Garden – OMG! YUM!

  3. I love that you “yada yada'ed” aaaaand that you got a tablet! Do you love it? I have an Asus tablet.
    Oh and I can't resist chips. Any kind of chips.
    xo Tara

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