Just Roll With It, Baby

    You just sang a little Steve Winwood didn’t you? This was stuck in my head yesterday. See, we had planned an easy 8mi hike somewhere north of Williamsport, PA. We were on the hunt for an old logging road off of the very long Loyal Sock trail in the Loyal Sock State Forest that crossed through an old ghost town. However, once we left the Lehigh Valley, I lost all signal- Internet and GPS didn’t work. We had to kick it old school and use a road atlas. I was able to navigate to the highway that would take us there. However, we ended up going northeast instead of northwest. This took us way off our destination. We has past a turn off for Worlds End S.P. and did come across a Loyal Sock park office. This is when we realize just how far off we were. It was well past 1:00 so we decided to change plans and go to Worlds End instead. We have been here several times already so we knew there were still some trails to explore. Once we were there, we checked out a map to chose our route. Dan suggested we try High Rock Trail. We had no clue how long it was but it did hook up with another trail at the end. There was an entrance down the road and over a bridge which wasn’t far at all so off we went. 

We took a look up an thought, “Great, an incline right off the bat. Do we really want to do this? Of course we do!” 
After five minutes or so of pushing ourselves up to the landing, we looked up and considered turning back. 
Our reaction to looking up and seeing this? “Mother F%#*er!” It took us a total of 15 minutes with several short breaks to catch our breath but we finally made it to the top. The vistas were pretty but not picture worthy because the trees and brush obscured the view. Then it was time to go down again.
It was just as steep (and narrow!) going down…
…but, we made it! After this point it was up the other side of the little creek that was at the base of these rocks. The trail got somewhat easier.
Almost there! I can see the road! 
At the end of the trail, we saw this which was not posted at the other trail head where we started: 
They were NOT lying! Had we seen this at the start, we would have said, “How bad could it be?” LOL
The next trail started right next to this one. Again, we had no clue how far we went or how long this next one would be. I usually use my Map My Run app but there was no GPS signal so we were on our own. The only thing we knew was this one was a loop. 

More steep incline- great! ( sarcasm )
Here is a tip for you when on a trail: When you are half way up a trail and you see a sign like this, ALWAYS take the high road. Actually, this is a good way to live life in general. There was no way we were going to go easy and take the lower road. Experience tells us that at some point on a loop, you will have an incline at some point. Our instinct couldn’t have been more right. Kicking and cursing ourselves would have been the outcome.  So, up we went…. And up, and up. At some point, we came to a vista that was picture worthy. 
Finally it was time to start going down. We thought we were at the half way point but not really. 
Not too bad- right? 
Wait! There’s a trail through there? The trail was a lot like this for most of the way down. 


We finally made it back to the road again! I was happy to see flat, even ground- LOL This mountain that I am pointing to is High Rock Trail. The area to the right that is sort of cleared was the point that my “almost there” picture above was taken. 
It was another half mile or so walk to the parking lot. On the way, we saw this cool old well pump that actually still worked which I think is pretty darn cool.

I estimate that we hiked 3.5-4 miles/2.5 hours which is short for us. But considering the difficulty of the trails, we were proud of ourselves for sticking with it and not turning back when we had the chance. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. You have to learn to just roll with it baby!

Did you do anything active this weekend? 
Or did you take time to yourself doing something relaxing? 



6 thoughts on “Just Roll With It, Baby

  1. Looks like a great hike! I've been on some pretty hilly 3.5-4mi hikes too, which can take 1.5-2hrs depending on the inclines and number of viewpoints. But yes, always worth it when you get to the top and see how far you've come! That pump is pretty cool too!

    This weekend I went on multiple dog walks, a bike ride and a long run! Also walked around the local annual antique fair today 🙂 Bought some DELICIOUS homemade pomegranate jalapeno jam! Nice sweetness and then a little kick at the end SO RECOMMENDED!

  2. That Jam sounds great- Something that Allyson and Dan would really enjoy! I like walking around fairs and farmers markets for new treats to eat. Sometimes you can find the most obscure things at those places!

  3. I do not know how far from the PA boarder you are but if you are up for am overnight stay some time, I highly recommend the Falls Trail ( and the few others that connect to it ) at Ricketts Glen. It is one of our favorites. The last time we were there, we hiked something like 11 miles in 4 hours. We parked a good distance from the trail heads though too.

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