Ramblings of a temp receptionist

   Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am filling in for our receptionist who is under the weather.  The phones are not too busy so it is leaving me with down time.  I am finding new blogs to follow, catching up with my current favs and thinking.  That last one is a dangerous thing sometimes…. I thought I would share with you all that is going on up in my headspace. Ready?  Let’s go!

1. I have decided I want to jump on and participate in “The #7ThingsProject”.  Basically, it is a happiness project. You pick 7 things that you would want to do but either keep putting off, maybe are afraid to start or just want to do because it will make you happy. It can be any thing your little heart desires.  It’s free to participate AND there is no deadline.  You can read all about it on Zobia’s site: The Eternity Journal.

Here is a quote from Zobia:

What is the #7ThingsProject?
This 7 part blog series & hashtag project brings people closer to achieving their goals, facing their fears, and just embracing life. 

Most people spend their lives saying one day I will be able to do this, one day I’m going to do that, and perhaps one day I’ll be strong enough to do everything I ever wanted. This project brings these people closer to dreams by taking little steps (7 steps actually). 

I decided to make my start date Aug 1st which leaves me a few days to over think this.

2. My stomach is killing me! I was craving an Italian hoagie so I got one on a wrap, no cheese, no onion, no oregano or other seasonings-but with mayo, lettuce and tomato. What I got was the meat, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato on this weird ass wrap that I think was sundried tomato with oregano or something in it… I had to pull it all apart to take off the cheese but I should have removed the wrap as well.  Now I am paying for it. UGH!  I should have stuck with turkey or chicken but NOOOOO I needed to get something different since I was treating myself and ordering lunch for once. 

3. I have had approx. 64oz of water so far today.  20 more to go!

4. My niece is turning 21 this Friday! She is an amazing young woman who is destine for great things. Now… I hope I get a chance to celebrate with her before summer is over.

5. The weather here is unseasonably cool and I LOVE IT! I want to leave work now and go for a run. I actually wish I was a morning runner on days like this.  I have tried to be one of those morning workout people but it just does not happen before 9AM. I beat myself up over this when weather is awesome.  So, I am a little down on myself this week for this reason. Maybe I will put this on my #7ThingsProject list and give it another try.  My issue is getting my ass out of bed.  I will lay there all comfy under the covers and picture myself running, lifting or whatnot instead of actually doing it.  Too bad you don’t burn calories by thinking or we would all be buff, sexy bitches!

6. I have 3 months until my nephew’s wedding & 4 months until my HS reunion.  Which means it’s time to kick things into gear and get rid of these last 14 pounds.  I can do this! I hope my dress from my profile picture (see top right of this page) from a year ago in June is to large so I have a real excuse to buy a new dress even though I love that dress!

7. I could really use a nap.

8. When will they bring down more invoices?  Stuffing envelopes will help pass the time.

9. My new favorite blogging website – The SITS Girls If you are a blogger and not aware of this gem, you should check it out. This is where I found Zobia (see #1) and a few other new blogs that I am checking out currently.  Plus, I am learning a lot more about my own blogging experiences.

10. “Moves Like Jagger” makes me smile every time I hear it.

11. I think this blog needs some tabs… but what to put in them… hmmm more thinking….


4 thoughts on “Ramblings of a temp receptionist

  1. 1. I'll have to check that site out, looks great!

    5. Totally get not wanting to wake up early to workout! I only manage to do that once a week at the gym. Its harder to wake up and go outside when its cold…and when I try to run when I'm tired, bad things happen…so its better if I do strength training or walking. My 'peak' running time is between 10am-3pm.

    6. Sometimes its hard to lose those last few pounds, so no matter what happens, just know you've done a great job about maintaining a healthy lifestyle (food and exercise) and that someday it WILL happen 🙂

  2. My peek time for doing anything is 10-3 these days – LOL

    I am not going to stress about the weight loss – it will happen eventually. I have been taking a slow and steady pace all this time. It works for me :0)

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