Orlando Time!

   How was everyone’s weekend? I had a great time on vacation with Dan in Orlando. My time off actually started last Wednesday but I didn’t leave home until Thursday afternoon. I started my Thursday off feeling great! I was prepared to leave my house on time to meet up with my cousin Barb. She was taking me to the airport which was really cool of her to step up and offer! I left the house, carry-on, cell and handbag in hand. I locked the door behind me and realized I just locked my car key and house key inside the house! START INSTANT FREAK OUT!! I mean really! Was this REALLY happening?? I started texting Barb (because I have no way of getting to her house), Allyson ( to bring me a key) and Dan (just to let him know he was married to a total idiot). It was so freakin hot out that as I start trying to break in to my house, I instantly sweat rivers. Gross and so much for trying to look presentable for my flight. Barb called and offered to come get me and I calm back down. That was awesome of her since she was dealing with stitches in her leg, I couldn’t reach Allyson or get back in the house no matter how hard I tried. So, 45 minutes later, we were on the way to the airport. I arrived with plenty of time to spare. While I grabbed some lunch, (and a few beers) at the bar, I chatted it up with a dude named Gerald from the UK. He was here for the first time headed to Raleigh where he was to embark on a three week road trip. He was basing the route on the show “Man vs. Food” wanting to do some of the same food challenges as the show and throwing in camping/hiking along the way. I was pretty envious and told him so. I would love a few weeks off for another road trip! Having someone to talk to though certainly helped pass the time. Anyway, I made it to our hotel around 10pm and hung out with Dan’s co-workers who are some really cool chicks (super friendly).   

   Our friends from Boca came up on Friday and stayed through Saturday night. We had not seen Bill and Lisa for a year since they moved down to FL. It was great seeing them! They were kind enough to entertain me on Friday at Aquatica (water park) while Dan completed his work duties. We met up with Dan and headed to a local Mexican joint for fresh guac and chips plus a few drinks before dinner. After going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, we all headed to the Downtown Disney Marketplace where the restaurant was. Approx 30 mins before our reservation, it started to rain really hard! We ended up running from store to store to get avoid as much rain as possible. Lisa and I huddled under an umbrella while Dan and Bill took on the rain. Needless to say, they were soaked by the time we got there. At least they saw the humor in it all and were good sports about sitting in a fancy restaurant looking like drowned rats! LOL I really wish I got a picture of them together. I actually did not take pictures until Saturday in Sea World. My phone battery was not lasting long. I am not sure why. Maybe because I could not get on line at all and it was roaming to much? I have no clue. But I didn’t want to kill my battery in case Allyson tried to reach me.

   Sea World was cool. Not to crowded and the temps were actually cooler then in Philly. Other then rain at night, we made out ok! The shows at Sea World were better then I expected. The dolphin show was amazing! Shamu Rocks are great too but only 20 minutes long. It was great to have Lisa and Bill as a guide and we managed to see everything in one day except one show and the log flume ride. After the park we headed to Hooters for wings and beer before they dropped us off at our hotel and we said our goodbyes. 

   Sunday was a travel day for us… Time to go home. Other then the man sitting next to me telling me he has turrets (ice breaker?) then saying he was only joking, it was a quiet & short flight home. After we landed, I had a voice mail from my FIL saying he was coming down with my birthday gift ( a few weeks early ). To my surprise, he got me a new grill! I was so surprised! My current grill is an old rust bucket which is why we built the fire pit last year to cook on. I love cooking on it but it’s not as convenient as a grill. So now we need to figure out a place out back to keep it. I would like to put down pavers and give it a permanent home. Once assembled and in place, I will post pics. 

     It’s back to work tomorrow. I am sad to see my time off come to an end. Our next mini vacation is Labor Day weekend when we drive Allyson up to Hanover, NH to start her time at Dartmouth. 
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Sea World:


8 thoughts on “Orlando Time!

  1. Love all your Sea World pics here and instagram! One of my favorite places to visit 🙂

    And I totally hear you about moments where everything seemingly goes wrong…my mom told me the other day she locked her keys and her dog in the car and had to call AAA to unlock the car. It happens!

  2. I was thinking about you when I was at Sea World actually! I knew you'd be more helpful in telling us about the animals and things then the little plaques on the walls!

  3. Aww thanks! One cool thing I learned about flamingos…the only way they mate is if they are in flocks of hundreds of birds, so in captivity, they put them in a large mirrored room environment so it looks like lots of flamingos are around! Took a while for people to figure that out and once they did, had successful captivity breeding!

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