A High School Grad and Sister’s Weekend!

   Hello everyone! I have been meaning to blog for the past week but just haven’t had much time. If you follow me on Facebook, you will already know that graduation went very well. I got my cries out before we left for the ceremony and only got choked up a few times in the beginning and at the very end. The Alma Mater always brings tears to my eyes- no matter where or when it is played. There is just something about that tune…. The choir sang “In My Life” by the Beatles which was absolutely beautiful. Honestly, when I think about it, I still choke up- it was a powerful moment in time.

These girls crack me up! I am going to miss them!! That is Allyson on the left.

     This part weekend I got to spend some time in OCNJ with my sisters Theresa, Joanne, Ellie and Michelle. It is always a relaxing weekend but it went way to fast! I did get my planned workouts in. On Saturday morning I was up at the crack of dawn and was out the door by 6:15. I got my boardwalk run in (my favorite part of my trip!) – ran/walked 4.30 miles in 51 minutes. I have never run past 4 miles before so I was able to check off two more items off my summer bucket list! My sis Jo joined me on a bike. I think having her ride ahead of me helped push my further. 

   Sunday morning I was up early again and out at 6:30 this time with my sis Ellie and we rode the length of the boardwalk on our bikes. I did remember to get a picture since I forgot the day before. 

Between working out, beach time and shopping on Sunday, it was a great weekend! I did manage with stick to my healthy eating and only splurged on two glasses of wine and one small cup of sorbet. My breakfasts looked like this:

Ellie made everyone pancakes and turkey bacon both mornings so I had a pancake but made myself eggs. I loaded up on fruit, mango salsa and carrots w/hummus and a ton of water all weekend. 
    Joanne surprised us all with matching wine glasses that she etched the date and added a flower or butterfly. We were each asked to pick a color paint without asking what it was for. She used the paint choice to color the stems! Clever! We don’t call her Martha Stewart for nothing! I love the glitter!
    Since being home, I feel like I just want to sleep and have not gotten in any real work out except the long walks after dinner with Dan. At least it’s something I guess. Maybe it was the lack of sleep over the weekend. I will get back on track. I have a trip in three weeks to Florida so now is not the time to slack off! 
    Question: One of the items on my bucket list is to try new clean eating recipes. Do you have a favorite that you want to share? 


6 thoughts on “A High School Grad and Sister’s Weekend!

  1. Congrats on Aly's graduation!!! And that glass is very pretty! I do understand having time periods of 'rush/busy in a good way' and then a crash the following week. Usually I give myself a couple days to recuperate and then slowly get back to normal routine. I find that with my body, if I try to rush it, I don't get good workouts in (aka I'm half asleep and not able to do much).

  2. Congratulations on Allyson's graduation! Sounds like you enjoyed your sisters weekend which is awesome! So happy for you! Way to go on checking things off your summer bucket list!

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