What’s up?

       I have been gone for a while and I am sorry if you feel neglected.  Life has been a little busy lately. Let me try and get you up to speed….

Work is picking up – finally starting to see our busy season rearing it’s ugly head. This is good. My days will go by faster.  However, I will not be able to stay up to date with all you lovely people as much as I like.  If I am quiet, now you know why.

Back on April 23rd, Dan and I saw the Goo Goo Dolls in concert! That was exciting as we both had never seen them before.  We have been fans since the mid-late 90’s. It was a good show in a small venue in Bethlehem.  They played most of the hits we wanted to hear so I am satisfied.  Cross that one off the ol’bucket list!

Gardening season has started which means I will be having more “digging in the dirt” sessions which will help reduce my stress.  I have plans for what veggies I want to plant.  Now it’s a matter of finding the time to get to the stores and hope they have what I want.  I also need to get the mulch down on the flower beds.  Luckily I have a lot left over from last year’s delivery. That will take all day I think.  I am trying to stay up on the weeding until I can get this done. I am off the whole week of 5/13.  Mother’s Day is the day before and this kicks off my yearly big gardening extravaganza.  I like to have everything completed this weekend.  It does not always happen so at least I have the entire week to catch up if needed.

Last week I started a new on-line challenge to help get myself in shape for summer. This is an 8 week challenge with Tone It Up! I love their work outs as they are fast but challenging.  Doing these challenges help to keep me motivated and stay focused on my goals.  If you follow me on Instagram ( flong1975) or Twitter (@inmyheadspace) you might have noticed I am back to posting what I eat and what my workouts are. Annoying right? Well… This is all a part of the challenge so bare with me for a while.  I could have made separate accounts for this but honestly I am too lazy to be bothered with that. So, that’s that.  I am a week in and loving it so far. I am not in it for the grand prizes ( I do not qualify) but it would be cool to get one of the smaller weekly prizes – a new water bottle or something would be cool… just sayin’.

May is Dan’s Birthday month… Technically the big day is tomorrow!  So this weekend will be special – still not sure what all we are doing but I know going out to eat is on the schedule.

Allyson will be keeping us busy with end of the year banquet and award ceremonies.  We are very excited for May 18th – 7:00PM when “Best of the Class 2013” airs on 6ABC.  She was selected to participate this year along with something like 200+ other valedictorians from PA, NJ and DE.  We really hope her interview makes it into the TV special! How cool would that be?! I don’t think they will tell us… stay tuned to see!  I will make sure I have a box of tissues ready…

Running! I have really been focused on keeping this a steady gig 2-3 times a week.  I decided I am better off leaving the headphones off so I can focus on my breathing, pace, all that good stuff.  I feel less stressed when I am not listening to music, fumbling to skip a song or hearing the feed back from my app telling me how slow I am going. Now, I am going further then I have ever been and loving it!!
Lifting – I am still learning different lifts but I have to say my favorite are deadlifts.  I am up to 30lbs on the bar.  I think I will be ready to up that soon.  I need to get some 5/10 pounders to add on. The next size I have at home is 25ers… I am not ready for that!  No rush though. When I have a bad work out (like yesterday) or just in a bad mood, I find that doing a few reps helps me to snap out of it.

I think that’s about it… I have a few new blog ideas that I am working on so that I do not stay away too long… I hope you are all doing well! Is there anything that you would like to see on here? Chat me up!


9 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. You have never been to a concert? You should really see one some time! We love going to live shows! But I would love to see a pro soccer game. Philly Union is hard to get ticket to from what I hear.
    The TV special airs this Saturday – we are very excited and really hope Al's interview gets chosen!!

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