Hey! It’s ok… Thursday

    Last week I did my first Throwback Thursday and promised this week that I would share my feelings of Philly Superfans from the side of the non baseball lover. However, I decided the season is long so I would save that for when the time is right.  Two bitchy baseball posts in a row may scare some of you off and there are not a lot of you out there reading this anyway. So I’ll pace myself – LOL
   I think instead I will do a “Hey! It’s OK…Thursday”  So lets begin shall we?

Hey!  It’s OK…
To get lost in a book for an entire weekend
To spend the whole day digging in the dirt ( think of the beautiful flowers that will follow! )
And it’s ok to get so dirty that it takes days before your skin looks clean
To not like store bought birthday cake
To make yourself laugh even if no one else gets your joke
To take a last minute road trip to nowhere
To do things your way and not follow the latest diet/fashion trends
To take a mental health day
To believe in signs from above and that all things happen for a reason
To walk barefoot in a rainstorm on a hot summer day
To give yourself a drastically different hairstyle once in a while 
To throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams no matter what your age
Happy Thursday Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Hey! It’s ok… Thursday

  1. Store birthday cake no megusta! Home made with love is the only way to go! Last minute road trips tend to be the best ones! Also mental health days are a MUST!

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