My mind is filled with thoughts that I must.get.out.

I am craving string beans.
I hope it does not rain too much because I want to start expanding the vegetable garden this weekend. Adding cucumbers, cantaloupe and lettuce this year!  Thinking about corn too which Dan has been wanting me plant for years now.
When I look at a grassy hill and steep stairways, I want to run up them. I am thinking about a route that I can do at the high school that incorporates them….maybe on an early Saturday morning.
My run last night was better then I expected. My legs did not hurt at all! About half way through, I felt really slow and I started feeling sick. I think the heat and the tuna sandwich I had 2 hours prior did not like each other. I got slower with each mile but I pushed through it.
After I run, my legs feel strong but my shoulders feel HUGE! I feel like a total bad ass.
I need to paint my toes… it’s finally sandal season!!
I need to plan my meals for next week and get my shopping list together.  Since I can not eat dairy anymore, it’s getting hard to pick foods that we can all eat.  A lot of our favorite meals I make has cheese in or on it 😦 
I need to get with Dan to book our flight to Orlando in July!!!
I fit into a pair of capris that I had to squeeze into last summer! I didn’t even need to lay down to button them!  SCORE!


4 thoughts on “My mind is filled with thoughts that I must.get.out.

  1. You're not helping him? What types of things is he planting?I get lost in my gardens to point where I have to remind myself to stop and eat. I love to be out there as much as possible. Last night I got some weeding done before it got to dark. It felt great :0)

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