Happy Spring! 13 weeks to beach ready and new goals

    It is finally here! The first day of spring!!  Has anyone else noticed the new grass and spring bulbs sprouting along the sides of the roads?  In another few weeks the winter blah colors of nature will turn bright green.  The daffodils will be in bloom and the cherry trees and eastern redbuds will be well, budding! I really enjoy my 40 minute ride to and from work at this point in the season. New life is everywhere – a new beginning!
   I realized that I am at the 13 week mark for our annual Sister’s Weekend down the shore!  I am looking forward to going and spending quality time with my sisters. I also look forward to a morning run on the boardwalk then some yoga on the deck. I did this last year for the first time and LOVED IT!! This also means I have 13 weeks to be “beach ready”.  My sister Jo and I decided before last year’s trip that we would give each other 2 summers to be where we want to be in our goals.  No crash diets. We are doing it right – a total lifestyle change. I have an image in my head of where I want to be in 13 weeks so I really need to buckle down and get back on to a WO routine. Mama wants a new bathing suit!!
Did anyone see Dannie the other night on The Biggest Loser when she walked out in at fierce red dress? Holy crap she looked amazing! I thought to myself, “WOW –  THAT is what I WANT!” I do not expect to get that way in 13 weeks.  BUT in the long run? Absolutely. I know what I need to do to achieve this goal and it starts NOW. 

How about some new goals:

  1. Add more fresh fruits/veggies into my day and even less processed foods – refine how I eat in general #eatclean
  2. Get lifting! Add to the home gym or go to my local gym more #traindirty
  3. Run more after work now that days are getting longer
  4. Expand the veggie garden -Garden season is starting – this will involve pushing and throwing a LOT of dirt and mulch – it’s a great workout!

With these goals set in place, I would love to be down 1 pants size by shore time. Wish me luck and feel free to encourage or kick my ass along the way!

Oh and two more:

  1. Get caught up on some reading
  2. Make it to church and I do not mean just for Easter

Do you have tricks that help you get beach ready? 
Do you have a home garden? If so, what do you like to grow?


5 thoughts on “Happy Spring! 13 weeks to beach ready and new goals

  1. Girlfriend seriously you and your sisters should all do the 24 Day Challenge together get amazing results annnnnnnd keep each other accountable!

  2. Sounds like some good goals! I have developed a little sun-phobia since I just either freckle darkly or burn…so tricks for beach ready…um I don't go? Plus I just blind people with my whiteness… but that is just me, I'm a big baby!

    I think that #2 will help you lots with beach bod! Toned muscles always look good!

  3. My FIL is a dermatologist – when he actually ventures on to a beach, he slathers his already pasty white self with zinc which just makes him paper white and blinding when the sun hits him. Even salt water can't penetrate that stuff! LOL

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