It was an awesomely random few days

    I am coming off of a 4 day week.  I have to keep reminding myself that today is Sunday and I DO have work tomorrow.  I think the reason I can not keep track is because there was so much going on these past few days.

Thursday was a day of working out in the AM and doctor appointments in the afternoon. The workout was great.  I decided to head over to my gym to use their weights.  I have a limited amount here (home) and I wanted to see how much I can actually lift so I know what equipment I need to buy next for home use. I really like to use dumbbells.  My favorites are dead lifts and any version of them.  At home I use 10 lbs.  15 was too much so I moved down to 12.5 which was just right. I was struggling by the end of the 3rd set but I made it though.  I moved up to 20 lb for triceps curls over my head, side twists and wood chops. On the pull down machine, which was the only machine I used that day, I finished 1×10 at 70 lbs but moved down to 50 for the last two sets.
I got in a good 1 hour 15 min long workout starting with strength for 30 minutes, then 20 min for a jog on the treadmill then back to the floor for some planks and stretching for the last 25 minutes. It felt great! I know these amounts aren’t that heavy for some of you but I really have no upper body strength. It’s all in my legs. I am proud of myself for keeping with it.  And the best part? I actually saw some definition in the arms today when I was getting ready!  Score!

Friday really was the BEST DAY EVER! Let’s see….The HVAC guy came out and fixed our AC finally! We did not have AC for the past two summers. After that, I chopped off my hair.  Best buy had Mad Men season 5 on sale for $27 (had to buy it because it’s not available on line in it’s entirety) Then Dan and I went up to Bethlehem to walk around the shops and have lunch.  While this was going on, I was having a FB conversation with my BFF about how I really want to see the Goo Goo Dolls live but every time they are in the area, I always miss them by a day. Literally.  I have seen everyone else that I really, really like except them.  Later while I am at lunch, she finds out that they are playing at Sands Casino in Bethlehem and the tickets had just gone on sale or something crazy like that.  What a cawinkidink! So, Dan and I headed over to the box office which was only 10 minutes from where we were and bought tickets!  SQUEE!!! I am SO excited to finally get to hear them live!!
 After that we decided to try our luck at the slot machines. We got a place at the bar and I dropped $20 into the video machine but not knowing how it worked, I think I hit but then lost it all…The machine was going crazy for a minute but then it stopped and I hit deal again… I probably should not have done that…I should have cashed out but I was worried that I would end the game and I still had credits.  SO, that took maybe 5 minutes to lose. Then I threw in another $5 and BAM! I hit again.  This time I cashed out for $230! I played the rest of the credits, tried another $5 then lost that too.   It was time to walk away.
On the way home, Allyson texts us to tell us SHE has some exciting news! What could it be? She tells us that she was selected to be on Best of the Class 2013 on 6ABC in Philly!  She will go to Drexel University on 4/17 with all the other valedictorians in the area for interviews and workshops.  She is SO excited and hopes that they pick her for TV! What a great way to end the day! Well, we did top that off with some drinks and Mad Men disc 1 ;0)

Saturday we had snow (boo) and spent the day up at mom’s house and had dinner there as well. It was a fairly chill day. It was a great visit. When we got home, we watched more Mad Men – 2 discs down, 2 to go…

And today? Dan had to leave for Cincinnati and will be gone until Thursday evening. So after he left, I did the food shopping and spent the afternoon at my sister Theresa’s house to catch up. I had not seen her since Christmas so it was nice to hang out.  I planned on making Paleo Pumpkin muffins tonight but I forgot to buy the pumpkin and my store did not have almond flour or almond butter ( weird right?) so I am making the best of it by combining 2 recipes and making it up on my own.  That last sentence alone is frightening because I am not a baker. That’s what I have Al and mom for.  I am using sweet potato instead of pumpkin.  And instead of almond butter I am using sunflower butter. I did buy coconut oil and I will have to use wheat flour.  If only you can smell what I have cooking! The house smells amazing!

 I just realized I have hardly eaten all day. I was planning on adding pictures to this post but I am tired and hungry.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen them anyhow… I hope you had an equally awesome weekend and best wishes for the upcoming week.


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