It never fails when you are in a hurry

So today at Car Sense service desk:

Lady to clerk: I am dropping off my husband’s car. It is making a horrible noise.

Clerk: do you have an appointment?

Lady: no but you need to look at it.

Clerk: ok… We had a cancelation so you are in luck but you need to leave it because there are other people ahead of you. Where is the noise coming from?

Lady: oh dear. I am not sure.

Clerk: front? Back?

Lady: I am not sure. Can I call my husband?

Clerk: sure

(Inside my head: really lady? You drove the car here! What an idiot)

Lady to husband: I have your car at Car Sense. They need to know where the noise is come if from. Is it in the front or in the back?

Lady to Clerk who is now on a phone call with another customer: he said it’s in the front.

Clerk gives her a thumbs up and she leaves.

Clerk to me: Can I help you?

Me: you called my husband. I am dropping off his insurance card….


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