Goals? think…think…Mad Men…focus!!

    How is everyone doing this week? The word from the blogoshpere is that not much is going on. The stories are the same. People are tired and not getting to their workouts… Each person has legit reasons. I have to say I feel this way too. I am getting plenty of sleep averaging 7-9 hours a night.  However, I can not seem to shake the sleepies.  I normally workout right after work but this week, I am ready to pass out by 5:00! I am not sure what’s up with that. What will I be like next week after we lose an hour sleep? I feel guilty every day for not getting my WO’s done. My vacation counter is showing 3 months and 14 days until my first beach trip of the summer.  I want a new bathing suit so I need to suck it up and get lifting, running, moving in general!  Time is ticking!
     I have been thinking about my goals for March.  I am coming up blank this time around.  I am supposed to be continuing the Planksalot challenge but I have not done one plank all week.  This month we are also adding in burpees to the challenge. I hate strongly dislike burpees. BUT if I can do 5 in a row by the end of the month, I will be happy.  I might not work on them daily but I will try a few on my next workout. I remember having to do these in elementary school gym class.  Our gym teacher always made us do them and smiled like the Cheshire Cat when we all moaned at the command to drop and give her 20. I couldn’t do them back then either.

   So, I think I am going to use this month to get back on track.  Day light savings is coming up.  The weather will warm up soon and I can be out in the sun more.  I am looking forward to getting back out to running in the park near my home.  I am still reading NROLFW.  I did not comprehend that there was a program that wraps up the whole first part of the book.  Buying this on my Kindle was a big FAIL as the charts are so tiny and hard to read. I wanted to read it as a guide and learn more about the exercises and how to do each one properly anyway. 

 Ok – I am being a downer…. What is making me happy recently?

  • I am attempting my first chicken pot pie tonight for dinner! I hope it turns out better then my pot roast from last night. 
  • I took Al prom dress shopping for her Sr. Prom. We were in and out of the bridal shop with dress in hand in 1 hour! The dress she bought is beautiful.  She is all smiles when she has it on. That’s when you know it’s THE dress.
  • Dan and I started watching Mad Men on Netflix.  We are obsessed with it! We started a few weeks ago with season 1.  We are now half way through season 3.  Season 6 starts 4/7 so we have a lot of marathon viewing to get in. I do not think I have been so into a show since LOST. Vampire Diaries comes in a very close second. I love the clothes, humor, historical references and the characters…. I can’t stop thinking about it!  I even dream about it LOL!
  • I took a walk down memory lane today – talking with friends about playing double dutch, Chinese jump rope, pick up sticks, jacks… kids just don’t play like that anymore. Now I want a jump rope :0)

Do you have a show you are addicted to? What was your favorite game as a child? 




3 thoughts on “Goals? think…think…Mad Men…focus!!

  1. Prom dresses are redid now a days! I took my niece shopping 2 years ago n spent $500! I wanted to cry! My dress back in the day was $100 bucks. What happened to those days?

  2. I refused to pay that much. We got lucky – $200! But then still factor in shoes, hair, make-up, limo, the ticket to attend… good thing Al is a bargin shopper!
    Have you ever seen rentarunway.com? That is a great site and I might just use it if I ever need a fancy dress.

  3. Oh prom, how exciting! I got my dress for $120, hair for $50, shoes I already had, friends' parents paid for the rented limo… oh yes and I did have to split the ticket cost, but the overall cost wasn't too too bad! Some girls spend waayyy too much on all the above and more (like $1000 total). No way could I afford that! So glad Al got a dress she likes! Thats always super important 🙂

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