Randomness of the day…

Follow this conversation:

Me: So, if you have a pet chicken and it dies of natural causes, do you eat it?

Jo: No you don’t eat it! It’s like your pet!

Me: But it’s chicken. So what do you do with it?

Jo: Your vet probably takes it and burns it.

Me: hmmm

Stephanie: Did you hear about the law they want to pass about making it legal to eat roadkill if you run it over?

Me: Where did that originate- Alabama?

Bill: They already have a law like that in Alaska. Say you hit an elk… They have someone that will collect the carcass, butcher it and then they give the meat to a village.

Me: If you survive hitting an elk, you BETTER be able to eat that son of a bitch!

Bill: What if it was a seal? You would have to ask why they were in the water.

Me: Well that’s easy… they went clubbin’!

LMAO – I crack myself up sometimes….


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