March brings great things

    March is finally here! I can not tell you how happy I am to be out of February.  March is referred to the month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  This is in reference to the weather- Still cold and snowy but more spring like by the end (well, typically).  My mom was big on sayings and this was one she said often. 
    I feel this is my attitude going into March as well – going in to the month like a lion in regards to my workouts.  February was such a downer month.  I had no motivation for 2 weeks of the month and only recently snapped out of it.  I did not lose any weight BUT I did not gain either.  Considering not working out like I wanted to, I am ok with that.  January was such a great month it still makes up for it! As for my February goals:  I hit the 3:00 mark on my #planksalot challenge and I am still reading NROLFW.  I am putting February behind me now.  I am looking at it as a little set back, not a total failure.  
    OK now back to March.  I am super excited to sign up for my first virtual race- and technically my first 5k.  My friend Josh over at is organizing The Great Dreadmill Run. What is this exactly? Here is a clip from Josh’s website:

On weekend of March 8-10, so Friday through Sunday, you can choose from a number of distances and run it … on the dreadmill. It can be at home, the gym, work, vacation, a friend’s house, your Mom’s house … it doesn’t matter … just run it on a dreadmill.

The entry fee is $10 and benefits the Huntsman Cancer Institute via his charity Denim for a Cure.  Josh has been raising money for HCI for almost a year now (in honor of his mom once she was diagnosed with BC) and does in face run in denim!  I did confirm with Josh that yes this does count as an actual 5k so I can cross that off my list for the year- YAY!  Once you register, Josh will email you your race bib.  Then during the scheduled weekend, you jump on a treadmill and run ( or walk ) your selected distance which is anything from 1 mile to a full marathon.  Then you take a picture of you, your distance and your bib as proof that you completed the task and email it back to Josh.  I do not have a treadmill at home so I am teaming up with my sister Joanne! We will head over to a Planet Fitness and do the race together! I am so excited that we are doing it together.  I do not think I have ever gone more then 2 miles on a treadmill and I have not set foot on one since summer.  So it will be good to have someone there pushing me to keep going.  If interested, please click on the web site above for further instruction.
     The only other challenge I am starting next week is the Self Drop 10 challenge. I am not sure what all to expect since there isn’t too much detail on the web site.  I tried doing the very first challenge Self set up many years ago but they have changed a lot since then. I do know that the trainers are the Tone It Up girls so I know the work outs will be good.  I love their sleek and slender abs routine! I will be sure to come back and update on my progress.

So do you have any big plans for March?


2 thoughts on “March brings great things

  1. good job on the 3min plank!!! And good for you for signing up for a race, even a virtual one (they are very convenient since you can do it where you like 🙂 ). No big plans for March, just hope I can ramp up my mileage to do my 9miler at the end of april!

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