Birthday celebrations and some new recipes

    This past weekend was really great.  Probably one of the best weekends I have had in weeks!  Even though last week was Valentines Day, Dan and I do not really celebrate it. Our wedding anniversary was only 2 weeks before and 4 days later is Al’s birthday. So, I let him off the hook for V-Day.  We did go to the local bar for dinner that night but that’s because I did poor meal planing for that week.  We were really focused on celebrating Al’s 18th birthday instead!  We took her out for Chinese on Friday ( her request ). 
  On Saturday, Dan and Al spent the day doing taxes and working out all the financial aide paperwork while I cleaned the house. FUN FUN! Dan and I had plans with some long time friends that evening so I also had a few recipes to try.  We were having finger foods so I chose a white bean and red pepper dip with tortilla chips and blondies.  I can not bake so Al made the blondies for me. They turned out AMAZING! I certainly will miss her baking skills when she goes away to college.  Friends take note: If you invite me over and ask me to being a desert, it will be store bought as of mid August or “Break and Bake”.  Better yet, just have me bring a savory instead of a sweet.  The dip was so easy to make and a big hit too.  I will post the recipes below.  Dan and I had loads of fun at our friends house. It’s great when you have old friends that you have not seen in a while and still have so much to talk about!
   Sunday was the BIG DAY.  We celebrated with Dan’s mom, step dad and both sisters with a brunch at the historic Hotel Bethlehem-  The place was PACKED but there really weren’t lines to the food which made me happy.  They had a big spread including a fillet station, omelet station, several seafoods, vegetables and the obvious waffles, french toast and sweets galore! I was a little bummed that they did not have a fruit salad.  However, everything I did eat was very tasty.  I tried to be a good girl and eat as clean as possible. However, this was a celebration and who knows if I will ever be back again.  They did have a gluten free quinoa chocolate cake on the desert table – OMG! I would say it was one of my favs! I was very tempted to take pictures of everything but held back. It really was not the place to whip out my phone and start snapping away. The live music was a piano player and soloist. Both were very talented.  After brunch we wend back to mom’s for the rest of the afternoon and early evening.  Al opened her gifts.  Dan’s sister was home from Boston so it was nice catching up with her as well as with everyone else.
     It was a great weekend. I definitely over indulged Saturday night and Sunday.  I am just starting to feel like myself again. It’s weird to say that Al is an adult now.  I know it’s something that I will get used to. But no matter how old or where life takes her, she will always be my baby.

As promised, here are the links to the recipes that I made…. errrr I mean Al and I made:

The dip -I recently was introduced to Smitten Kitchen. Everything on there looks great. A friend of mine suggested I make this one. I did add red pepper to the mix as well – this is super easy to make!

The blondies – Dan had some Crown Royal Maple around – he tried it but it was too sweet for him. I on the other hand found it tolerable.  It does smell like a bottle of syrup.  I had Al use this in the recipe. I considered adding bacon – I just might have her do that if she makes this one again… just a smidge….  I found this recipe on Pinterest.  This site is new to me too – I look forward to trying more recipes.


6 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations and some new recipes

  1. Happy birthday to Al! Sounds like the food was great, but I too would be bummed if there wasn't a fruit salad. I actually love fresh cut strawberries on waffles!

    Personally I feel that eating well the majority of the time and the other delicious stuff in moderation some of the time is a good balance, so its ok to indulge once in a while!

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