Funky February

     I decided I do not like February.  It’s a pesky month that makes winter linger longer while holding spring just out of arms reach.  Every year, I get antsy for running around in spring weather and getting to back to my digging in the dirt sessions. The cold, dreary weather really puts me in a funk. It feels like forever since I last posted on here.  Realistically, it’s only been twelve days.  Last month I was on such a high with blasting goals and getting in as many work outs as possible.  But something happened.  It feels like I hit a wall.  I did pass my plank PR on 2/1 (2:10!) but after that, I lost steam. Last week, Dan was traveling. I was getting out of work 15-30 minutes late, waking up late… Life just feels off kilter. I am still doing great with what I am eating.  I am even trying new food combos and other snacks to keep things interesting.  I have also been reading more about the whole clean eating thing.  But workouts? Fugetaboutit. My plank a day, which BTW I can’t seem to focus on to even come close to 2 minutes, is still happening most days.  However, I have slacked on everything else. The squat portion of that challenge is almost nonexistent and workouts at home didn’t happen at all last week! It’s not that I am not motivated.  I mentally prepare for my WOs while at work. Some days it is all I think about.  But when I get home, it all fizzles out. It frustrates the hell out of me.  This is why I declared this week I would be taking it back! No food will be cooked in my house until I get some kind of WO in! Yesterday, I needed a good stretch so I did yoga for 30 minutes after work. Sure, we didn’t eat until 7:00.  BUT I felt great and I was much more relaxed. Sometimes life gets in the way and I know this will pass. We have two and a half weeks until the roar of March.  I hope I can turn things around before then!


10 thoughts on “Funky February

  1. What you describe about not wanting to work out when you get home from work is EXACTLY why I must get up early to get my exercise in. If I had to do it after work, I'd never exercise. EVER.
    And you are right, February and its cold weather, its short days, its spring teasers is the worst month of the year for motivation. But remember, even a couple 10 minute bouts of exercise a day is better than nothing! You can do it!!

  2. You are so right Jill. I just need to get myself to move 10 minutes… I know at that point I would keep going. I am hitting the weights today. Once I start, I don't want to stop!

  3. I am so proud of you Jo! You are doing an amazing job with your diet and going to the gym every day. I really should get myself to the gym again. Maybe by now it's thinned out and not as crowded.

  4. Have you tried scheduling your workouts ahead of time? Like plan your week on what you will do each day, and make it a HABIT. That's the best advice I have for you – be consistent and it there won't be an option if you don't feel like it; you just do it!
    That's part of why I'm loving Crossfit – I'm paying boku bucks for it, so I want to get my money's worth, and once I am there I am not going to quit on a workout or walk out of there; I'm stuck there until the workout is done, even if I do feel like crying in the middle.. haha.
    Make your workouts a Priority! 🙂 Planks are great, but you got to keep moving other ways, too!
    Maybe start to commit to 3x a week and then work up from there if you want?
    Just my thoughts! 🙂
    I'm here rooting you on!

  5. Thanks for the advice Jen. I have set days that I plan to work out. But maybe writing it down and making the commitment that way will help push through this funk I am feeling! Reading your updates and those of others is motivating for me.
    I get like this every year. Maybe I need a good run or something! LOL

  6. I ALWAYS find that February and March are the LONGEST months of the year for me. I find myself anxiously awaiting spring and chomping at the bit for the cold weather to be over. I feel ya on this!

  7. UGH – March –
    I realized Easter is early this year – March 31. I am not sure how I feel about that either LOL. I am hoping it brings warmer temps & Spring with it.

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