Goal Smashing and Feeling like a Badass

      Hey everyone! I hope you had a fabulous January! I know I sure did.  It’s time to go over my goals for the month and set new ones for February.

First let me say that I have had a great time with all three of my online challenges. I honestly thought it would be overwhelming. However, they overlapped each other making life a lot easier! Start Clean 2013 is coming to an end.  The Skinny Jeans Challenge has 3 more weeks.  The Planksalot challenge ends today but a new one starts Feb. 1st with planks and squats this time around.  All the people involved in each group have been so encouraging with each other! It has been nice meeting new people and cheering them on as well! If you are interested in learning more about these challenges, let me know! 
Now on to my goals.

January specific goals were as follows:

  • Lose an inch in the waist – I hit this out of the park – not only did I lose an inch in the waist but also 2″ in the hips!  Weight loss is down 3 pounds this week too. However, I do not track that like I do measurements.  BUT it does feel good to say!
  • Learn the art of lifting – this goes along with #3…
  • Read a book – I am reading New Rules of Lifting for Women and learning a lot of new info plus touching up on things I am reading on line about lifting.  I think focusing on lifting more is the reason for the quick drop in inches and weight (the daily plank helped too).
  • Workouts: I am focusing on 4 X week.  I am keeping with a theme but doing moves that I am “feeling” at the moment. I get bored very quickly so I have to keep things changing and challenging!  Thanks to the Planksalot challenge, I smashed my 2:00 month goal last week by holding a 2:05 minute plank! That felt AMAZING!  I have not been out for a run since early December.  I am really looking forward to longer daylight hours so I can get back out there.  I miss it! OH Hey! I also did side planks for the first time last night! For real – no using my hand or feet to lift my hips! I even held them for a 10 count – 2 per side. I was so excited so I demonstrated to my family in the kitchen while I was cooking- HAHA

Ok, it’s time to look forward to February and how I can push myself further.

  • Plank and squat challenge – #planksalot for all of you following along – goal: 3 minute plank by 2/28.  As for squats – I want to do 600-800 a week.  I think this is easily obtainable to start out.
  • Workouts – Just keep truckin’ along.  Put the tools that I learn from NROLFW to good use and lean on my Tweeps for advice – you ladies ROCK!
  • Continue with SJChallenge – I have picked up new habits from PJ & Risse and look forward to what they come up with next!

Do you set monthly goals? If so, what are they?  I would love to hear about them.


4 thoughts on “Goal Smashing and Feeling like a Badass

  1. Congrats on ALL of those great accomplishments! And high five to the side planks! 10 counts are a good start, I”m sure you will be woking up to higher numbers in no time!!! For my challenges I too like that they complement eachother, running, yoga and core 🙂 makes it easier that way!

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