I Have Issues….. (with food)

       Yes I know, I have a lot of issues. I tell Al all the time that when she is in med school working her way to becoming a psychiatrist, I can be her test subject for many of her papers.  Maybe my “quirks” will make her famous some day.  One can dream that for their kid right? There’s no harm in that! 
      Today I decided to discuss my issues with food.  Not about how I LOVE food. I do love to eat. I think about it as soon as I get up in the morning.  No. I am talking more about HOW I PREPARE or EAT certain foods.  I have a certain list of foods that I can only eat certain ways.  Here are some examples of what I am talking about ( Gotta love a good list! hehehe )

Real ham and other pork dinners: can only be eaten hot – with applesauce to dip it in.  I once took my own snack pack to an event that was serving ham because I knew this side was not on the menu.

Lunch meat style-  ham: DO NOT EVER  put mayo on my ham sandwich! EVER.  When I eat this, and it is not very often, it must be either yellow or brown mustard.  When my mom babysat my daughter, she was still packing my lunch for me ( well into my 20’s! Haha).  She put mayo on my sandwich- accidentally and only once.  When I realized this, I went to the kitchen, scraped off what I could then proceeded to WASH the ham off under cold water. Also, only 4-6 slices per sandwich. This count has gone up slightly.  It used to be exactly 3 slices.  No more, no less.
                    – Turkey: I am the same way with turkey except this can only be mayo – no mustard.
                    –Cheese: only 1 slice per sandwich- period.

Eggs:  they can be prepared over easy, poached, hard boiled, soft boiled or fried. I even like quiche.  BUT scrambled eggs and omelets make me gag. I think this stems back from camping with the family and my dad making eggs in mass batches on a camp stove before church. We were a LARGE group so this was the fastest way to feed us when God was on the line! Actually, I am just starting to eat veggies with my eggs thanks to the @GoFitGals Skinny Jeans Challenge (#sjchallenge). I have not had an egg sandwich or eggs and toast for two weeks now! Lets talk about egg sandwiches for a sec.  No matter if this is made with bread or on a bagel, it must have mayo on it. This grosses out a lot of people I know. However, it really does not taste bad! I know people that butter their bread. I am sure this is the “normal ” thing to do but that’s just not the way I was brought up!

Spaghetti and anything else with red sauce like pizza: This is something else that people will think is weird or gross. I prefer to eat these foods with a glass milk.  And it needs to be 2% for it to be perfection.  We did not grow up with soda in the house.  We also did not drink water with dinner. You would think with 2 parents, eight kids and an aunt all under one roof, water would be the drink of choice for my mother because it the cheap option but oddly it wasn’t!  It was milk, iced tea or Kool Aid.  Milk was served because we were told it cut down the acidity in the sauce. The only time I will drink something other then milk with these foods is when we are out at a restaurant.

PB&J – The rule here is a thin layer of each PB & J.  I love PB but it can not be a thick layer on the bread.  AND going against all things American, I DO NOT like drinking milk with this sandwich. To me it does not mix well with the jelly. I have never been a fan.

Well, there you have it… just some of the strange and unusual issues I have with my food. Believe me –  I used to be a lot worse!  Do you have any specific ways you like eat certain foods?


6 thoughts on “I Have Issues….. (with food)

  1. Your not the first person I know who drinks milk with pasta and pizza. My BFFs husband does it too! Weird. As for pb&j I NEED a big COLD glass of milk! No mayo on anything. Mayo is nasty gross to me. Not even in my tuna.

  2. Hmm, weird things about me: 1. I dont drink (don't like alcohol period) 2. I dont like soda (my favorite drink is water). 3. I'm not a fan of PB&J, I prefer PB & banana with milk. 4. If I have eggs I must have salsa (grew up with fresh salsa in the house, not ketchup) and 5. I don't like plain chocolate, ONLY if it is mint chocolate like Andes mints.

    I don't think its weird to have milk with spaghetti dinners, especially if the sauce is spicy! We all have our quirks/preferences!

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