My first gym experience went like this:
I took Allyson with me for moral support and it was a good thing I did! See, this was my first time EVER in a gym. My first time ever stepping on a treadmill, elliptical, row machine… you name it – it was all foreign to me. After signing up, I expected to get a tour and be shown around the equipment.  I was told by the person behind the desk that he was alone but it’s pretty much what you see.  I was free to look around on my own or come back later. Ok dude, whatever… just point me in the direction of the locker rooms.  The place isn’t big. I can figure it out.  So, I put Allyson is charge of it all.  What else would a 16 year old want to do with her time?  She showed me how to program the treadmill and elliptical each turn lasting 20 minutes (on low for me). Then she wanted to get on some of the machines.  Oh boy…

Me: “Which one should I use?”
Al: “Just pick whatever.”
Me: “What do I do?”
Al: “Mom – just read the machine.”

ok…. so I chose a chest press machine.  I did not want to look like the newbie more then I already felt like I did so I briefly scanned the picture. Then I adjusted the seat, sat down and tried to push up the bars. Huh… tried again harder this time.  WTF? PUSHHHHHH.  Nothing. I noticed the lady at the machine looking at me.  I turned to her and said, “I can’t move this thing!” Without any advice, she turned and went back to her work out.  OK! THANKS! Now I am totally embarrassed. I got up and walked over to Allyson who is killing it on pull ups! She then went to a machine and adjusted the weights…

Me: “WAIT! There’s weights on these things?”
Al: “Yeah…”
Me: “No wonder I couldn’t move that thing!”

With that, she laughed and shook her head… I went on to do some yoga moves to stretch out in the back hidden corner… then went home.  I went back the next day, made no eye contact with anyone else and did my own thing with my head held high.

When I think back on this day, I laugh at myself too and realize how far I have actually come from that day.


5 thoughts on “DORK ALERT!

  1. Too bad because that would be fun! I am basically on my own – There are no work out buddies close me that share the same interests. Non that I have found yet anyway :0)

  2. The gym can certainly be a scary place! Even though I went with my dad for a couple years in high school on occasion, it wasn't until college that I took a couple gym classes to learn how to properly use some of the machines!

    But good for you to stick with it!

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