Three challenges, 6 Weeks and a TON on FUN!

      I can’t believe we are half way through January already! This has been a good month so far.  I am staying focused on my goals by keeping busy with on line challenges hosted by a few blogs I follow.  Two of them ( Start Clean 2013 – and Skinny Jeans Challenge #sjchallenge ) each keep me motivated with weekly or daily challenges such as: Including veggies in ALL 3 meal, Meatless Mondays, skinnying up a favorite recipe – plus daily motivation to workout. Start Clean runs for the month of January and SJChallenge is from 1/14-2/25.  The third challenge is a plank a day #planksalot through This is a lot of fun – When I first started I thought it was awesome that I could hold a plank for :30 but today I made it a whole 1:22!  Woo Hoo! I am a competitive person by nature and so seeing myself improve each day really keeps me going.  Everyone online is really supportive of each other too and I am getting to know some great people!  For each group, you keep in touch by Facebook, Twitter, blogs or Instagram  -each one having their own way of tagging your picture or post.  If you get a chance to join in on a challenge such as these, DO IT!
It is still too early to discuss my progress through these groups but I hope to have great results to share in a few weeks!
Do you add veggies in to your breakfast? I have an issue: scrambled eggs/omelets make me gag and I am not a fan of hash browns either. I need to think outside the box with this part of the SJChallenge!  This morning I subbed out my wheat bread for left over roasted potatoes, broccoli and red pepper as a side to my over easy eggs. It was good but not something I want to eat every day! I am open to suggestions….

8 thoughts on “Three challenges, 6 Weeks and a TON on FUN!

  1. Sometimes I put spinach in my fruit smoothies, I don't taste it at all but I know its there!

    Can't wait to read about your challenge recap! And congrats on the 1:22 plank! Try side planks too! Work your obliques and give a new challenge!

  2. I love doing side planks from a push up position. I can't seem to do them by raising my hip off the ground. I need to work on that! If you have any tips on those, please share!
    Tone It Up has some great modified plank moves that are hard but fun on here:
    I started doing this one around Christmas.

    If you asked me 6 months ago and I would have said “UGH Planks!” “UGH Squats” now “Hard but fun”? I may need meds…


  3. Awesome job on the planking!!! It is totally a mental game after that first minute. With NROLFW, I had to work up to 90 seconds ones and wanted to cry! Now I've done up to 3:00..

    I can't remember whose blog it's on, but some chickie has a guide on how to hold a longer plank. I have zero desire to go beyond 2:00 anymore, but it's great info.. I'll have to look!

  4. If you think of the blogger, please share! My goal is 2 minutes by the end of the month. After that, who knows! Alex on Twitter had mentioned she reads through her planks to pass time. That's what I did today and it totally worked!
    I finally started to read NROLFW- I am up to where they will start talking about diet. So far so good! I am anxious to get started!

  5. Hmm, maybe work on upper body strength too? Definitely need strong arms/shoulders to hold you up and then the rest is just, like you said, pulling your hips off the floor. Sorry I don't have any other suggestions, I wish I knew! PS Thanks for the link, looks great!

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