Happy New Year Now! revisited

    Back on November 19th, I made a few goals to reach in a 6 week period working up to New Years. I joined in with Tara at http://www.Imfitpossible.com, Nikki at http://www.mylifemyway14.blogspot.com and a bunch of their fabulous followers for their Happy New Year NOW challenge.  (one of these days I’ll learn how to do a “click here” for the links) Anyway…  If you missed my goal list, here it is:
My Goals:
•Lose another inch. Inches are easier to measure then pounds… This works well for me
•Get refocused on my calorie count. I know I have gotten off track a little and need to make adjustments (I’m a sucker for buffalo wings and pulled pork!)
•Run 4 miles
•Get to church every Sunday! Slacking here a lot too
•Do at least one random act of kindness

•Get refocused on my calorie count. I know I have gotten off track a little and need to make adjustments (I’m a sucker for buffalo wings and pulled pork!)
 I have been doing really good with this one!  Since I am now cooking at home most nights (Saturday is open for date night) I am not blowing it every night. 

•Get to church every Sunday! Slacking here a lot too     YEP! Back on track here.

•Do at least one random act of kindness One down – possibly one more in store by Christmas

Now where I am stuck… the last two…

•Lose another inch. – I am working hard on this but the waist is changing.  I work out with cardio and weights 3-4 days a week focusing on moves that work more then one muscle group at a time for the max benefit of my 30 mins between getting home and cooking dinner… I keep my core tight and watch my form… However, the tape measure hasn’t moved in months!  The scale ( which I use once a month) has gone back up 6 pounds since June BUT goal pants fit now so I know I am on the right track building muscle.  I have to keep telling myself this or I will get discouraged and binge on hot wings, pulled pork, beer and ice cream.  I certainly don’t want that! But come on! Even a half inch lost in the waist/belly area would be uplifting!

I also feel so bloated by the afternoon.  This week I switched from regular low calorie yogurt to the Greek kind after reading a live chat about gluten allergies -someone mentioned bloating there too and said switching helped them.  I do not think I have a gluten allergy but it’s worth a try.  I am thinking my apple a day at 3:00 pm might be a big part of this problem.  Next week I will be home and not snacking like at work. I will skip apples and see how I feel without them.  I just read that apples are high in sorbitol. I know from my Adkins days that I can not eat any “Low Carb” foods with this or any sweetener ending in “itol”.  I bet I’m right!

•Run 4 miles – I would not say I am stuck on this one… I just haven’t been out for a run.  I get home when the sun is setting and it’s been too cold or raining.  This will have to wait for days when I am off or when starts staying light out past 5:00. I will be signing up for my first 5k with my aunt and cousin so this will not be thrown to the wayside… just on hold for now.

Overall I am happy with the results of my list so far.  A friend asked me if I was setting a resolution for the New Year. I told her about this idea of setting little goals instead of one or two big unrealistic ones. I will be keeping with this idea and setting new ones for January.  This works well for me so why change?


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Now! revisited

  1. Mary this is so awesome! To be so successful at your diet and exercise goals in the month before Christmas is incredible. Keep it up and I have a feeling that the inches will start coming off soon!

  2. Mary! Just found this post, so disregard my comment on your Happy New Year NOW post!!! LOL!!!
    It seems like you have come a long way. Congrats on all you have accomplished!!!! Cheers! Tara xo

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