Celebration Weekend

     This past weekend was full of a lot of excitement for my family. We celebrated our Grammy’s 90th birthday with a fantastic luncheon at the William Penn Inn on Saturday and then together again for dinner at mom’s on Sunday.  The entire family was there including the Texas branch and our sister in Boston.  It was great having everyone there together to celebrate such an amazing, generous, strong and ALWAYS best dressed woman!
    The other excitement was that our daughter, Allyson (Al), got her acceptance letter to Dartmouth! We couldn’t be more proud of her.  Getting into an Ivy League has been a goal of hers since 9th grade. She has been incredibly focus and dedicated these past 3.5 years… it all paid off in the end.  To celebrate, we took her to dinner with Dan’s mom, step-dad, sisters and brother-in-law at Allentown Brew Works.  If you ever go, I recommend their fish tacos. They are delish!
    The true test this weekend was my calorie counting. I did go over on both days but I did not blow it out of the water. I was over each day by less then 400. Considering all the temptation, I was pretty happy with that.  I do not obsess over this number but use it as a guide.  I am feeling good in my clothes and that’s what matters to me most!

    This past week, Dan and I decided for several reasons that we really should stop eating out every night. This might sound odd to some of you but I am looking forward to cooking again!  I am excited to cook my favorite meals and also try new recipes.  Tonight I am making my favorite soup from Giada De Laurentis : Tuscan White Bean and Garlic.  I am going to try and make a quick cheesy flat bread also made from Bisquick that I found on Betty Crocker’s web site.  I typically work out as soon as I get home which makes this quick meal a perfect “go to” on work out days!

What are your favorite go to recipes?


2 thoughts on “Celebration Weekend

  1. Yep- pretty much every day. My husband works from home so by 5 he is itching to get out and so something…I have mastered the art of reward points, in house specials and coupons. It will be good to stay in for once!

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