Post Thanksgiving Recap

   Confession: Last week, I slacked a little on my work outs. I know, I know! Even though I had off last week, each day was filled with fun and exciting things to do. I did manage to get 2 big workouts in.  On Tuesday I hit the gym for 40 minutes then went for a 3 mile run.  Wednesday I had girls day with Allyson. We saw Lincoln then had a small lunch afterwards. Thursday was the big rival football game before Thanksgiving dinner (we won). My big bonus this day was that I managed to keep myself within my calorie goal of the day! This goes along with one of my goals before New Years (goal #2). I am proud of that considering it was a holiday feast and I did not eat myself into a food coma like past years! The only exercise that day was walking to and from the stadium from where we parked.  Does chopping onion and celery count? I did a lot of that too when making my stuffing.  On Friday, we hit the mall for about 4 hours.  I count shopping as some exercise since we spend a lot of that time walking the mall trying to figure out what we should buy. On Saturday, I hit the weights in my basement.  I do a bunch of reps of exercises with my dumbbells and mix in yoga, Pilates and other simple cardio.  This time I stayed focused on my abs (goal #1).  I completed 30 minutes before I had to get ready for the next football game (this one we lost).  We got there just before kick off.  Since it was a playoff game, parking sucked. We had a brisk 10 minute walk to the stadium (more walking!). We had a 2nd family dinner on Saturday night. I did not overeat there however, I had my fair share of drinks which totally screwed me for Sunday.
      Now that is all over with, I can get back to the tasks at hand.  I do have a bunch of birthday parties and Christmas parties to get through. However, I feel like I have the tools to help get myself through them without losing track of the big picture :0)

I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving Day.  This is Allyson’s senior year so, this was her last show performance as a guard member.  That is her in the center of the silver flags. The show music this year was Steely Dan (cool right?!)

Harry with Maggie (she will be 1 yr old this December)

 This is Derek – Mag’s big brother and the sharer of my birthday :0)


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