Happy New Year Now!

•New Years Eve is 6 weeks away! Why not set some goals now and be a step ahead on everyone else jumping on the resolution bandwagon as of January 1st!?

•Great idea right? I came across the idea of this while reading a blog called “I’m Fit Possible, Are You?” Written by an awesome girl named Tara. Tara and her friend Nikki from “My Life My Way” are teaming up blogs to promote the idea ! You can read about their goals here:
And here:

•I have been thinking about how I can incorporate this into my own life. They say if you write your goals down, you are more likely to stick with them. I have started to make this a habit of mine. The first time was back in October. I had vowed on here to get back into a fitness routine by working out 4x’s a week. I did this and exceeded the goal by doing things that I did not think I was capable of! That was a great feeling!
So…What goals can I set for myself for the next 6 weeks? They do not need to be all one theme. It’s fun to mix things up a little!

My Goals:
•Lose another inch. Inches are easier to measure then pounds… This works well for me
•Get refocused on my calorie count. I know I have gotten off track a little and need to make adjustments (I’m a sucker for buffalo wings and pulled pork!)
•Run 4 miles
•Get to church every Sunday! Slacking here a lot too
•Do at least one random act of kindness

So, that’s my list! I will raise my glass and toast to it… Won’t you join me?


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year Now!

  1. Not too bad so far… working the hardest at losing the inch and refocusing on the calorie goal. The running 4 miles – haven't hit it YET. The hardest one that I thought would be the easiest is the RAOK… I have a few ideas just not sure how to execute them!

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